Surviving house removal without a glitch and that too during the time of Christmas – that’s too much of work ahead of you. And, you need to plan accordingly for success. Before, we get started with the tips., here is a one-liner for you – don’t do it yourself. Not much of time is remaining in your hand, so if you have not booked them yet, you should not waste anymore to do that.

The removalists working with Richards Gold Coast Removals know the art of working fast without compromising on the quality. That is indeed a good enough reason for you to book us before your preferred day of moving to get transferred to some other client, as the time is busy and our schedule is almost full.

Now, for the added tips – here is a list of to-dos that will help you in getting over with the Christmas removal without much struggle.

Make a List of Packages

As per the recommendations of removalists in Gold Coast, once the packing process is done, it is time for you to make a list of packages based on the elements that are being packed. For example, count the numbers of fragile packs that are to be removed and also make a list of big furniture that is to be treated separately.

Keep Things Separate for Christmas Parties

On the one hand, it is about going on with the arrangements of removal and on the other side, it is also about getting ready to attend the Christmas parties. To save the day, you have to make your Christmas party arrangements beforehand. Save a separate Christmas box where you can keep everything, from your party wear to your very own Christmas tree so that nothing comes in between your Christmas celebrations.

Let Everyone that you are Moving

It is essential to let everyone know that you are moving house over Christmas. The first reason is you may get a lot of helping hands for packing as it will be a holiday season. Secondly, it’s Christmas time and your loved ones will certainly send you some unique gifts on that day.

And, there is no point of sending expensive gifts to your house where you will be in no position to receive any of it. So, let everyone know about it and ask them to send the gifts in your new address instead.

Re-confirm the Date and Time

Well, if you have booked the specialist furniture removalists in Gold Coast already long before Christmas, now it is time for you to re-confirm the date and time with them. Do it before you finally get started with the packing


The End Note

Plan and execute – this is the only rule you require to follow when it comes to Christmas removal. Along with the special Christmas tips, you also need to follow some standard rules too.

Managing the parking place nearby your home, keeping your children and pet out of the house, creating the access point for the removalists to move freely all over your house – these are some factors you need to keep in mind before you finally move your home during Christmas.

Get ready and let the ball roll with Richards Gold Coast Removals. Contact us today for an advanced booking.

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