Look around, and you will find a plethora of removalists operating and assisting the locals to achieve a smooth move.

Be it the Gold Coast region or any other sect in Brisbane; there will never be any shortages of shonky removalists trying to rob you from their (hidden-cost inclusive) services.

Damage to any of your goods or loss of possession consumes you with distress and dissatisfaction on your part. That’s why the key here is to invest a considerable amount of time in finding a trustworthy removalist in the area.

This post will explain how not to be scammed by distrustful removalists  in the area. Follow closely!

Sufficient Amount of Research and Development:

  • Look for reliable names by reading through their client feedbacks and market reputation.
  • You can also ask friends and relatives about any reliable removalist that they were happy about hiring.
  • And, if this doesn’t work; you can check if the shortlisted removalist is accredited by the Australian Furniture Remover Associationor AFRA. Check if they meet all the laid down standards meant assisting customers in hassle-free relocations.

Ask The Right Amount of Questions:

Ask Questions

  • How long will the move take and what could be the total cost of the move?
  • Do you factor in any hidden costs?
  • What is your charging method- it is hourly or is it a flat rate?
  • Suppose if there are delays, will there be any provision for extra costs for storage or anything else?

Seek Accurate Price Quotes:

 Service Quotes

  • Ensure that their price quote is presented in a written form with a detailed explanation of your relocation.
  • Do make certain that the quote is itemised, and the shortlisted Gold Coast removalists can account for each and every charge.
  • Furthermore, if you need more information, then ask for it and ensure that everything is mentioned to you clearly, prior to you accepting any service quote.

Get Everything Properly Spelled Out On The Agreement:

To distinguish between the good, substandard and shanky removalist; you should:

  • Ask the concerned company to mention every iota of your removal service in the agreement.
  • Inspect about their pick-up and delivery details along with the date and time of the relocation.
  • And lastly, invigilate key details of their insurance for any damage caused on your goods. 

What Will They Regard Liable For Their Insurance Coverages? 

Another key aspect which one should check for is what damages are covered from their insurance coverage. Make sure you read their insurance coverage terms and conditions properly.

The last thing you want is to end up damaging your items while packing/unpacking and find the company not accepting the liability.

Final Words: 

low-cost removal services

At Richards GC Removalswe strive to provide professional and low-cost removal services. Be it local removal, country and interstate removals or Hi-rise/office removals; our professionals have the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure every move is a stress-free one.

Guarantying 100% satisfaction and free estimates, our experts in furniture Removals in Gold Coast will be happy to answer any questions you have.

So, without hesitation, feel free to interact with them and convey your removal requirements. You will not be disappointed.


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