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Are you ready to move? Seems exciting, right? You’ll be living in a new people, meeting new neighbours and probably joining a new office. Now, these things can seem like things to look forward to and to a certain extent they are, but have you considered the amount of work you have to do to ensure that your relocation goes smooth?


Probably not! You are all too excited about thinking what you are going to do when you reach your new house, right? Well, if you don’t think about it now, you’re in for a lot of trouble.

Now, probably one of the biggest mistakes that you can do is not hire a good professional furniture removalist on the Gold Coast. Sure, if you have never hired these professionals, you might think that it’s just an added expense, but the reality is quite different.

Treat removalists as an investment rather than an expense


The reason why the demand for professional removalists is so high is because they indeed do come in handy. Needless to say, when you are moving, there will be several things on your mind, and you have to cater to each one of them by yourself. What happens? Well in a bid to make the transition after your move to the new house smoother, you sacrifice or neglect the hugely important task of actually moving to the new house.

Now, what are the things that will usually be on your mind while you are moving? Well, some of the things that’ll certainly be are:-

  • Changing the address of your electricity bills
  • Changing mail address
  • Transferring your bank account to the nearest branch of your new house
  • Getting admission for your kids in a school which is near your new house
  • Appointing painters to decorate your new house

Now, of course, these things are important, but you haven’t even moved yet. You’ve got to do that first.

If you are hiring professional removalists in Tweed Heads from Richards Gold Coast Removals, things are going to be smooth for you, but even then, it can be tricky for you to choose the right options, especially if it’s your first time.

Critical steps in choosing the right removalist


Needless to say, there are few things which are as distressing or stressful than moving house. Precisely for this reason, it’s imperative that you hire the best possible Gold Coast removalists to help you with the task. Sure furniture removal is a task that can only be done by anyone who has a truck but to do it well; it takes far more than just that.

But considering there are so many professionals offering this sort of services, how do you ascertain which ones to trust and hire?

Here are some tips for you which will undoubtedly help you choose the right professionals whom you will entrust to handle all your valued possessions:-

1) Take the time to look around

The market is flooded with a wide number of different removalist companies which is why it’s important that you give yourself plenty of time to accurately ascertain the right candidates. Ask your families and friends or anyone else who have had good or bad experience in removals.

2) Get multiple quotes

This is undoubtedly the most essential step as you need to keep in mind that hiring the cheapest removalists isn’t always the wise decision. While asking for a quote, make sure to speak with an actual person rather than asking for an online quote. The thing with online quotes is that they can have several hidden charges or exclude certain services. If you speak to someone, you will be able to explain to them about your needs and in this way, provide you with a far more accurate quote.

Ideally, the professionals should come to your house at first for inspection of the premises and the type of goods that will need to be moved. This will ensure that there aren’t any surprises in store for the removalists when they perform their job and none for you when you have to pay the bill.

When getting a quote, don’t forget to ask the following questions:

  • Do you charge for an onsite quote? Is it obligation-free?
  • Do you charge by the hours or quoting for the entire removal?
  • Does the quote include the driving time between your old and new property?
  • Will you provide packing materials? Is there a charge for it?
  • What will happen if the property gets damaged during the move?

3) Always ask for a fixed price quote

 You can’t just hire these professionals without asking them about how much they are going to charge. Verbal agreements matter very little in this day and age. They might promise you a very attractive price at the beginning, but charge a different one when they are done.

By getting a fixed price quote, you can at least be certain that you are not overcharged, and the movers stick to the price which they had quoted before.

4) Pay less, but don’t pay the lowest

Like every other service provider, you will obviously not want to pay over the odds for their service. But in no way does that mean that you should go for the absolute cheapest option. Just think for a second why those companies are offering their services at such low rates? It’s not a charity, right? Well, the main reason why most of these companies charge such low fees is that they provide sub standard quality services. Good things come at a price; if the removalists provide top quality services, they will never charge such low prices.

5) Ask for references

One of the best ways to know the quality of the removalist is to get references. Word of mouth is undoubtedly an effective way to ascertain whether the company you are hiring is actually good or not.

6) Make sure the move is insured

During any relocation, you will most certainly be speaking with your insurance company about changing the details of the policy so that it covers the new property. Make sure you talk to them about whether your goods will be covered by insurance when they are in transit. If they aren’t, make sure to insure them as soon as possible. While drawing up the insurance contract, make sure to check all the clauses so that there are no exclusions which could stop you from making a claim.

7) Take your time, but don’t wait until the last minute

If you feel confused about whether or not to hire professional movers, you will be wasting a lot of valuable time; time which you could have invested in knowing more about the company you are hiring and getting estimates from their competitors. Ideally, you should never hire anyone without looking at other alternatives. If the date of the move is near and you still haven’t decided on a removalist, chances are that you won’t like their estimates. Due to the shortage of time, they are in a better position to quote you a high price, and you have no other option than to hire them.

What do removalists do once they are hired?

After you contact the Gold Coast furniture removalists, one of the first things that they will do is come to your house and perform a thorough inspection. Based on how big your house is, how much furniture they have to move, they will quote you a price and fix a date.

On the day of the move, they will take inventory of each and every item of your house. But that’s not all as they will also categorize them. Based on the volume of the things that need to be moved, they will arrange the packing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact a removalist?

The sooner you contact a moving company, the better it is for you. Although they won’t assign the truck until a few days before the move, you should do your part in issuing the company a notice 5-6 weeks prior to the move. The more lead time you give, the more chances of them sticking to your moving schedule.

Will an estimate be necessary?

If you hire a well know and reputed company, the chances are that they will send out professionals to have a look at your house and determine the approximate costs. This usually depends on the amount of items they are going to move and their weight. Without visual survey or physical inspection of the property, the movers can’t offer you an accurate estimate.

Can they provide a binding estimate?

Sure, most professional cheap removalists on the Gold Coast will provide you with a binding estimate if you ask for one. This estimate specifies the cost of the move well in advance, and this is based on the kind of services which are required. If you acquire additional services, the cost will obviously increase. Usually, such estimates are valid up to 30 days.

When is the best time for moving?

If you ask any removalist, most of them will say that you should refrain from selecting summer or the end of the year holidays. This is because, during these periods, moving companies experience the highest demand. But then again, you should move according to your convenience; not the other way round.

How much time will it take to move?

The total time taken by the removalists will generally depend on several factors such as weather conditions, time of the year, the amount of furniture to be moved along with the time required for packing and unpacking.

If there is a change in my moving date, what should I do?

Needless to say, you should immediately notify the mover about the change in date. This will allow them at least some time to make changes to the schedule and discuss it with you.

Will I have to pay for any damages?

No. As long as the mover is insured, you won’t have to pay a thing. If, while transporting your belongings, the movers end up damaging or breaking system something, you won’t have to pay for such damages. The movers will pay in full or a percentage of losses due to them.

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Laila Om
Laila Om
I was deeply impressed by Pat's thorough & kind communication style when I made some inquiries. I had never experienced such friendly & informative responses from any other removalist companies I contacted before. On the day, Pat's guys arrived right on time. Te & the team did an amazing job for me. They were all very courteous and brilliantly fast & smart. I have hired many removalists before and experienced them stretching out time, damaging my furniture, and stopping work & smoking cigarettes for ages when I wasn't on-site. Pat's guys Te & the team worked incredibly hard and got the job done very well in half the time other companies' guys would have. I can highly recommend Richards Removals. Richards would tremendously reduce the enormous stress & hassle of your relocating. Pat, Te & the team, thank you very much!!
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Justice Corban
Highly recommend Richard's Removals, I have now used them 3 times and very happy with the service! Very reliable, the guys are very hard working and helpful! I highly recommend them, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
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Andrew Rodda
Rang twice and only got recorded messages. Never called back, so missed my business. Luck of the draw.
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Luke Oglethorpe
Highly recommend these guys! Not only did they fit in a move within a very short time frame, they were very professional, had a can-do attitude and were good communicators.
Chris A
Chris A
Pat, Ash and Jake put in absolute work today, very very hot day on the Gold Coast, the heat did not stop them at all. They Kept going all day, nothing was too much for these guys. I would highly recommend, they went above and beyond and I thank the team sincerely. Thanks, Chris & Julie
Michelle C
Michelle C
Ash and Edi were great, very professional, polite, fast and efficient
Susan Simpson
Susan Simpson
I would highly recommend using Richards, they moved me from my home into a storage unit. The two young men completed the move without an issue and in very efficient time. Ash and Jake were very personable and polite. I am using Richards again to move from the storage unit to the new house and have requested these two young gentlemen do the move. I was asked by a neighbour could I recommend someone for their move in January so I of course said Richards.
Jessica Papworth
Jessica Papworth
Pat is really responsive kept me up to date. Boys did an awesome job ash and Justin poor fellas has four storey walk up with very heavy wooden furniture and didn't bat an eye lid. Defienetly use these guys for you next more can't recommend enough.
James Bugden
James Bugden
Huge thank you to the team at Richards Gold Coast Removals for the incredible service we were provided today. The guys were wonderful!