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Ash and John did a great job bringing my furniture to my new place, they were on time, polite and hard working, experienced with handling the furniture and they navigated their truck with ease through a narrow steep driveway. Great work guys!

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How to Help Your Dog Adapt When Moving to a New Home 🐶

They say change is inevitable, and so is moving to new places. The experience of moving to a new house is a good one most times, but it may not be so pleasant at other times. It is not always a stress-free process, regardless of why, where, or when you choose to move. However, you…

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Moving House with Your Cat? How to Guarantee a Less Stressful Move

Moving into a new home involves a lot of planning, preparation, and action. From the stage of packing and boxing to unboxing and arranging, the process can be stressful. Actively engaging with your home, learning how everything works, and prioritising which projects you want to do are all part of embracing your position as a homeowner….

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How to Conquer Stress & Anxiety When Moving House

If you have moved to a new apartment before or you have helped somebody else tackle the task of moving, then you already know how demanding it can be. It can get to you in many ways you did not expect, including mentally and emotionally. You have to deal with a lot more than physical…

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Ultimate Office Relocation Checklist

So…You’ve decided to make the big MOVE. But answer honestly- how confident are you in pulling off your office relocation successfully? Not very are you! Well. There’s where the problem lies. Most office owners don’t have a clue as to how they are going to organise their office shirt and ensure everything is shifted adequately,…

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How to Safely Move to a New Location with Your Pets

Relocating from one place to the other is in no way fun and adventurous especially when you have this constant clock ticking in your mind where you have a countdown set, and you have to get things right. While there are several aspects that you are to look into, right from packing belongings to letting…

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Professional Movers

Top 7 Advantages of Hiring a Removalist Over a DIY Move

Moving all your items properly during relocation can be a challenging task. Thus, to perform the task carefully, you need to take some proper measures. However, if you are planning to do the moving task all by yourself, you need to have packed every item appropriately and carefully so that it does not get damaged….

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House Removal

10 Common House Removal Myths Debunked

House removal is no less than a nightmare to majority of homeowners due to the risks involved from start to end. Most people feel excited and proceed to take the plunge alone. While it may sound interesting at the beginning, house removal is an arduous and time-consuming task. Despite the risks involved in the task,…

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Benefits of Hiring Removalists for Furniture Removal

Moving becomes quite a daunting task when it comes to moving heavy furniture. Especially when it is about drawers, bed frame and TV cabinets, you must ensure the removal to be safe and fuss-free. Since furniture can be bulky and tough to manoeuvre, it’s nothing less than a nightmare for their owners, when it comes…

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