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So…You’ve decided to make the big MOVE. But answer honestly- how confident are you in pulling off your office relocation successfully? Not very are you! Well. There’s where the problem lies.

Most office owners don’t have a clue as to how they are going to organise their office shirt and ensure everything is shifted adequately, promptly and SAFELY!

The right way to go about it is by starting to plan for the move at least 6-8 weeks prior to the shift. You can increase the time span if you have a huge office space (with tons of items, appliances, tables-chairs, cabinets and whatnot).

Doing so ensures that you get sufficing time to prepare all your important office stuff, make a list of each item and also pick a reliable relocation company to help you carry out the task appropriately.

Creating a comprehensive office relocation checklist

Are you planning to move your workplace to another city? It not only involves paperwork, but it also requires systematic planning and methodical execution to make things smooth. Some of your acquaintance may confuse you claiming that office removal tasks are as easy as house relocation. If someone tries to guide you like this, you should immediately discard their suggestion things will end up being a mess if you don’t follow proper guidelines.

The first thing you need to know about office relocation is that it is not a DIY task that you can carry out with the help of office colleagues. Changing the location of business require hardcore professional help if you don’t want to compromise the safety of your office belongings. Go through the following to know about the stages you need to focus on before and during the move so that nothing falls out of place.

“Having a well-thought-out plan of action is important for executing an office move seamlessly!”

Organising an office move is very different from a house move. It requires tactful planning and careful execution on your part. Or else you end up wasting a lot of your valuable business time and get lost in the sea of paperwork or cardboard boxes. To make your move stress-free and seamless, here’s a comprehensive office move checklist for you to follow.


1) Make a detailed floor plan

Make a comprehensive floor plan, being sure to include all large-sized items such as chairs, tables, desk filing cabinets, computers, ACs, fans, printers or anything that requires contiguous space for its storage. Also, make a list of those items that may be difficult to bring out from round corridors and dicey entrances.

2) Provide your removalist with a copy of the new office floor plan

It proves very helpful if you share your new office space with your chosen relocation company. This will help them in the unloading and re-arranging part. Also, convey them about those particular items that should be given extra focus when shifting.

Doing so makes your relocation specialist informed about giving extra care to those special/fragile items. They will wrap it up using bubble wraps, duct tapes and with an extra bit of cushioning (either with newspaper or pieces of clean cloth).

3) Decide on the move day & time-frame

Formulate a Move Plan, And Include Details Such As:

  • The relocation date.
  • The location of the new office.
  • Number of items in each office section to pack.
  • Adopting a clear labelling system so that everyone knows what each box holds.
  • Setting an organised office plan with the required number of assigned desks, chairs, etc.

To make things seamless, assign every employee a desk number which they should check at their new office floor. This will help the workers identify their boxes, and will also make it easier for our movers to know where exactly to leave those boxes.

Also, have the floor plan ready for the staff to get back to their normal work regime without any delay.

4) Communicate to all your customers & suppliers of your move

Be sure to inform all your suppliers and customers well in advance of your office move date. This includes informing them of your new office address and by when will your business resume.

Furthermore, if you have a skeleton staff during the relocation phase, or if you anticipate some minor disruptions, duly inform all your suppliers and clients. Share the complete details of your office relocation as you come closer to your big move day. In this way you can avoid communication gaps and work compromises.

5) Contact your leasing company about your relocation

If there are leased items in your office- Example photocopiers or printers; contact that leasing agency to inform them of your move. The reason being, most removalist companies, will not touch items on lease for insurance reasons. So, inform the leasing company and request for them to organise the move for those specific items.

6) Get in touch with the new building manager to save time

To ensure our removalists have ample parking access to the building entrance, speak to our building manager. This will allow you to save lots of time. And if there isn’t any on-site parking; you will also need to set up permits for safe on-street parking.

Speak to your property manager to provide our removalists proper access to the lift on the move day. When moving your office, the last thing you want is to make your removalists handing your expensive office items wait for the lift to come around.

7) Make necessary backups

For the shifting, we will require to unplug your devices and shift. Moreover, as you know that these devices are full of your office data. Have you considered creating a backup plan for protecting your office information?

Well, as suggested by our local Gold Coast office removalists, it’s high time that you should start taking backup. Although it is the rarest of cases where your office data could not be retrieved after the removal, however, it would help if you took precautions.

Always look to create a moving binder for files. For instance, when it comes to managing files, you need to create a moving binder for them. All the legal and paralegal papers, the official documents, agreement papers, tax papers, et al should be included in the moving binder.

8) Get everything ready in the new site

Is the new location you will shift to is appropriately ready? Well, only if the new site has all the cubicles prepared for you with the necessary required local network connections.

It will not cause any disruption in your work. If everything is ready on the other end, you will have a minimum interruption at work. The printers, PCs, laptops and scanners – all will be shifted to the new location, and the technician will get it connected as early as possible.

9) Let your clients know that you are moving

While you are getting ready for office removal, you will probably have to stay offline. Moreover, if you don’t make your clients aware of it as soon as possible, they will continue to get in touch with you, completely unaware of the situation you are dealing with presently. So, when you are moving out, make sure you notify all your clients and suppliers regarding it.

10) Make your employees aware of your plan

Whether you have 10 employees working with you or 100 of them, you ought to include them in your office relocation plan. You have to make them aware of the schedules, dates and add them in the planning if required. You can even ask some of them to give the necessary input. Your employees will love to be a part of this entire process for sure.

11) Set a budget before you move

In many cases, moving companies have hidden costs attached to their services, unlike us! Hence, you need to be particular about this, when you search for the right movers.

Make sure, the company you opt for is transparent and does not have any hidden costs involved. Put money on us. We ensure that to the fullest!

Above all, you need to set a budget. Notwithstanding the hidden costs, moving costs add up pretty quickly. They can come in various forms. The blinds may not fit the windows at your new office, and you need to resize them or discard them altogether and opt for new ones.

The same may hold for your carpets. Then there are those outside chances of things getting damaged or destroyed during the transit (that is why you need to opt for a reputed company)! In short, expenses can add to your budget out of nowhere, and you need to be ready for that. So the bottom line? Set a budget and keep a buffer amount available! Just in case…..

12) Set a definite pace for packing

Set a specific balanced goal for packing well in advance. This means you do not have to run against time at the eleventh hour.

Once you have sorted your options out, it makes things much easier for the moving company when it comes to packing. Take into consideration, what are the essential packing supplies you need to pack your belongings, and then proceed accordingly.

13) Ensure team members and employees are not having any work during office move

Office moves are generally made at night or weekends. Thus, the time available is quite little for the relocation of the office. You must make sure that the employees are not working during the process of office relocation. If the employees are free, they can assist you in supervision and moving the different items for ensuring a smooth transition. On the contrary, if they are engaged in work, which is not related to the office, it might cause unnecessary delays.

14) Ensure to backup generators and lift in the new office facility are functioning

Lifts are extremely important during the relocation of an office. There are chances that your office is on a higher floor, and in such circumstances, the moving crew will require lifts to bring the various items to the new office. Besides this, it is necessary to make sure that the backup generator is functioning properly in case of a power failure.

Electronic equipment, office furniture, as well as machinery can be extremely heavy, and it won’t be convenient for the staffs to take these heavy machines and furniture all the way to higher floors without a lift. Thus, making sure that the lifts and backup generators are functioning will help in hassle-free and smooth office relocation.

15) Ensure security checks don’t slow down the process

All office premises have security officers, and it is their responsibility to check each of the things that go inside. Nevertheless, it can turn out to be a highly time-consuming process, of the security check is being done on every single item that you move into your new office facility. In order to avoid such a scenario, you must inform the security officers regarding the move beforehand to cut down the time needed to check the items.

If possible, you must provide the security guards with the copies of items that are being transported. This is an important part of office relocation action plan. Also, you must inform them about the moving crew, so that they can easily verify the movers and packers with your office items and permit them to move the items inside.

16) Move the necessary items first

You are required prioritising the items, which needs to be moved at first. Necessary items like computers, routers, UPS, and so on must be moved first. Moving the necessary items will make it feasible for you setting up the office and enable the employees to work with minimal distraction. Besides this, it will assist in the smooth operation of the business as well.

Therefore, these are the ways that state how to prepare for an office move. Furthermore, when hiring an office removalist to make sure to choose an experienced company.

17) Hire us for a smoother and less time-consuming office move!

We at Richards Gold Coast Removals have got excellent removalist reviews in Gold Coast. If you are planning to relocate your office and want an easier movement of the belongings within a less time span, then contact us today!

Now, finally, it’s time to turn to the professionals to take over and time for you to sit back and relax. Get in touch with us at Richards Gold Coast Removals. We will ensure it’s a picture-perfect move!

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Checklist for Before Relocation

Let’s face the fact that smooth relocation is not possible without proper planning. You need to know exactly what you want to move and which you need to discard. Proceeding without any concrete plan will eventually lead you to lose control over the things and result in even bigger problems.

  • Make a list of things you want to move. Keep the list segregated based on their similarity. For instance, you need to prepare a separate list of furniture or electronic appliances so that things don’t get lost in between.
  • Consult an IT professional who will guide you in electronic data storage. It will be the worst scenario if you find out your business information got lost due to the moving hazards.
  • Hire the qualified group of best budget Gold Coast furniture removalists and fix the schedules of packing and moving. Make sure no miscommunication occurs between you and the professionals that can affect the later part of the process.

Checklist for the day of moving

After you are done with consulting the professionals and setting up the schedule, you should not settle. You need to keep everything in order and check your belongings multiple times before the final day arrives. Your agenda for the moving day will not be that hectic if you get the assistance from a reputed company that has qualified licensed removalists along with insurance coverage.

  • Check whether the representatives of your office are there at the new location or not. It is essential to appoint a person who will coordinate with the removalists reaching to the new location with your valuables. Those representatives will also be responsible for supervising the unpacking procedure.
  • As you choose to stay in the old location, you have to supervise the process of your belongings getting boarded on the trucks. Although the professionals know how to handle the packages with maximum care, you will also be allowed to supervise the process to make sure everything is safe.
  • After everything reaches to the desired location and electronic devices are installed, check whether everything is in working condition or not. If not, feel free to communicate with the professional interstate removalists and explain the problems you are facing. They are going to find the most feasible solution at that point so that the office procedure does not get hindered.

Remember that office relocation is not a cakewalk. You need to keep an eye on every detail even if the primary hassles are managed by the professionals and that too with efficiency.

Place a coordinator to guide removalists

Have a coordinator at the new building premise on your move day. Their role will be to guide our removalists as they arrive, and make sure that they have full access to all parts of the building.

And lastly, make life easy for your employees at your new work location

Once everything is set at your new workplace; as the boss- you should create personalised desk labels with their name, designation and photo. This will serve as a special warm greeting to everyone.

With that; you should also look to put up direction signage to help them move around the premise and inform them where the toilets, kitchen area, cafes, petrol stations and local amenities!

Now, that it’s clear how you can pull off a seamless office relocation with hassle; request a quote today!

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