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Richards Removals & Storage provide first class office removalist services to all suburbs throughout the Gold Coast. Relocating your office to a new location can be challenging, but with the help of our expert team, we simplify the entire moving process, greatly minimising any disruptions or downtime. We don’t just pack, transport and unpacking your office equipment, we manage the entire logistics of the move. We are open from 5 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, helping businesses nominate a time for their office move that is most convenient for them.

If you choose to relocate during your business hours, there will understandably be an element of disruption. But with our efficiency and expertise, all equipment will be swiftly packed, transported and unpacked at your new location in a timely manner. While speed and efficiency are central to everything we do, our highest priority is to always ensure the safe and responsible handling and transfer of all equipment, to guarantee that no items suffer accidental damage throughout the moving process.

Relocating to a new office with Richards Removals & Storage

Since opening in 2015, we’ve performed a countless number of office relocations for businesses of all sizes. Our team are able to pack, transport and unpack all office furniture and equipment, from the heaviest and most cumbersome items, such as boardroom tables, right down to small electrical and electronic appliances such as computers, phones and delicate artwork. With a fleet of regularly serviced, late-model trucks that are kept in perfect working order, we’re ensure that all office moves are completed on-time and without hassle.

Professional packing and unpacking services

Make your office move a whole lot easier by letting our team professional pack and unpack all your equipment and supplies for you. Whether it’s pricey office chairs, office workstations or anything in between, we can carefully disassemble and reinstall all your valuable items for you at your new location. A true all-encompassing solution, we can make it so your new office is fully set up and ready to go when your staff arrive, avoiding the need to waste precious hours putting everything together again in your own time.

High quality packing materials

At Richards Removals & Storage, we only use the finest quality packing materials, providing your valuable office furniture and appliances with the highest levels of protection from unwanted damage during transport.

Quotes that are 100% transparent

All quotes issued are accurate and 100% transparent, with no deceptive fine print that will see the cost of your move skyrocket in the event that something happens that is beyond your control. We provide first class office relocations at price points that represent real value for money. To get an instant quote, call us now on 1300 093 719 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be with you shortly.

Our office removals services at a glance

  • Packing and transportation of all business documents, folders and other essential files
  • Meticulous disassemble of office workstations, shelving, electronic equipment and furniture
  • Safe and secure transfer of all office equipment to our removalist trucks using high quality, heavy duty hand trolleys
  • Use of premium quality rope and protectors to guarantee that all items are securely held in position during transportation
  • Sensible and careful unloading of all items from truck at new office location
  • Reinstallation of all office equipment and furniture at new location
  • The safe unpacking of all important company documents
  • Fixed price or hourly rate options available

Storage solutions

When it comes to your office move, it’s essential that all your equipment is able to be safely stored in a facility that provides maximum security. Depending on the circumstances of the move, you may find yourself requiring temporary storage for days, or even longer. At Richards Removals & Storage, we offer short and longer-term storage solutions that guarantee commercial grade protection for all your office valuables. Our movers will immediately transport all your expensive office equipment to your new office location for you, upon your request.

No Hidden fees, Door to Door Service, Fixed Quotes

We understand moving office can be a stressful experience, so if you are moving to or from the Gold Coast, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional Gold Coast furniture removals company to help make the process go smoothly.

By putting your belongings into the hands of Richards Removals & Storage, you can be sure that everything will be transported, stored and unpacked safely with no injury to yourself or damage to your office.

Customer Satisfaction and Exceptional Service

Our expert Gold Coast office relocations team can offer you a whole host of services to meet all your moving needs. You either have the option of requesting a full package of services, or you can hire Richards Removals & Storage to do just part of the work for you, so there will be an option to suit you no matter what your budget.