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We Are the Gold Coast’s Top Apartment Removalist

Although apartment removals can be stressful, we make them simple, easy, and hassle-free. You can relax while we do the grunt work and heavy lifting.

We’re the Gold Coast’s top apartment removalist business that takes the stress out of moving. Whether you’re upgrading to a larger unit or downsizing to a smaller one, we know the process can be stressful and overwhelming. 

That’s why we provide comprehensive apartment removals services that simplify relocation for our customers.

Does the thought of having to move apartments overwhelm you?

Relocating can be challenging. However, our team of apartment removalists will take the stress and hassle out of your move. Our staff have many years of training and experience, so you can be sure we will handle your belongings like they’re ours. To cut a long story short, we excel in every facet of the apartment removal process. 


We’re the Gold Coast’s premier apartment removalists, and we excel at our jobs. We have been helping our customers for more than 10 years so we have an excellent reputation in the Southeast Queensland area. 


We take our work very seriously. We move your belongings from your old unit to your new one with uncanny precision. With Richards Removals & Storage as your apartment removalists, expect no delays and hassles during your move. 


No move is the same— that’s why we provide flexible apartment removals services that suit our customers’ unique needs and demands. Whether you require professional help with packing, loading, unloading, or storing, relax. We’ll handle everything for you. 


We provide competitive rates without compromising service or quality. Since relocating can strain your wallet, we provide our customers with affordable prices. You don’t have to worry about exorbitant moving rates when you hire us. 


We’re aware that moving is stressful and burdensome. Don’t fret! Our dedicated team members aren’t just expert apartment removalists, but they’re also comedians who make the moving experience funny and light-hearted for our customers. We’re confident your stress levels will dissipate when we work with you.   

Our apartment removals service lineup includes the following:


Richards Removals & Storage’s truck fleet can handle all of your possessions. Whether it’s a refrigerator, oven, bed, or prized antique collection, we can transport anything to your new flat. You will receive your possessions in impeccable and flawless condition when they arrive.   

Loading and Unloading 

Leave the heavy lifting and grunt work to Richards Removals & Storage. Our experienced staff members can quickly move sofas, beds, and other massive furniture out of your unit. We will load and unload your belongings without hassles and headaches so you can relocate to your new abode relaxed and refreshed. 

Our Apartment Removals Process 

  1. Complete our enquiry form
  2. Meet our apartment removalist team in the designated area and at the appropriate time. 
  3. Sip your coffee and read a book while we do the grunt work and heavy lifting. 
  4. Move into your new flat with a smile on your face. 

At Richards Removals & Storage, we take the stress out of apartment removals. Since moving is such a daunting task, we provide reasonable prices without compromising quality and efficiency. Our team is also flexible—select a time and date that fits your schedule, and we’ll be at your beck and call.  

If you’re relocating to a new unit, contact us today for a stress-free moving experience. We will handle everything while you watch us work. 


How much do you charge for your apartment removal services? 

Our fees depend on certain factors, such as your flat’s size, the distance covered, and the quantity of possessions moved. We offer competitive prices without compromising our performance. We’re happy to give you a free estimate upon request. 

Do you have a Plan B in case I need to change my relocation date?

We’re aware that unforeseen circumstances happen. We offer flexible schedules so you can change your moving date. We have no issues collaborating with you to select convenient times and dates that fit your schedule. 

Do you provide insurance for my possessions?

Yes. We provide comprehensive insurance for your possessions during your move. Should any of your items get lost or damaged during the process, we will rectify the situation as soon as possible. 

Are there any items you don’t include in your apartment removal service?

We don’t move pianos, photocopy machines, pool tables, or gas bottles. Each item requires a professional handler. If you own any of these items, we can contact a professional who can handle them. 

Our other services include:

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