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Relocating from one place to the other is in no way fun and adventurous especially when you have this constant clock ticking in your mind where you have a countdown set, and you have to get things right. While there are several aspects that you are to look into, right from packing belongings to letting the concerned people know about the change in address, there are times when people forget that there are pets too which are to relocate.

Moving homes with pets can often be difficult especially when they have been living here since the time they came to their senses. The cheap removalists on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads agree that pets, especially dogs, are known to have these certain scents that they are attached to in a particular space, and it often gets difficult for them to adjust in a new space. Apart from that, travelling with them too can be hectic especially when it involves long-distance relocation.

If you too are one of those several who needs help and had come around searching for the easiest tips, here we are to help you out.

Ensure that you have the right arrangements for their travel

Now whether you have a UTE or any other car to travel around, there is the need to make necessary arrangements so that your pet is comfortable during the transit. Making use of baskets do no good as pets often face problems breathing in them. You could consider making use of metal cages for them to be comfortable in or simply let them be in the back seat with necessary cushioning for them to be comfortable in. Along with that, you are to keep food, water, medicines, first aid, towels, blankets, etc. handy just in case they fall sick while travelling.

Make your new house pet-friendly beforehand

If your pet isn’t habituated to being chained all the time, they would expect the same when you take them to your new house. While you know that they would be around, you could try fencing the boundary, putting up pet-friendly doors and take all other necessary measures that would make them feel comfortable and not confined. Since it is a new place for them, most pets tend to escape and search for that familiar smell. Sealing gates and putting up boundaries would prevent them to do so.

Keep them away on the final day of moving

When it comes to moving systematically, only a team of local removals in Gold Coast can help you with it. Right from packing your belongings to hauling them and transporting them to your new house, they would do it all to ease your stress. While they are around on the final day, your pets may not find the ambience soothing, and amongst the chaos, you wouldn’t know who to take care of – the removalists or the pets. To avoid this, you could try keeping them aloof in other rooms so that they do not get hyper while seeing strangers in the house and preventing them to move the belongings with ease.


How to safely relocate with your pet cat

Cats are not always a big fan of change. If you ask them, they would prefer staying where they’ve already settled and are comfortable. Much of this is because they tend to develop a strong bond with their present environment.

But as ‘change is the only constant’; at some point; you have to move over to a new location with your dear cat. As much traumatic the move proves for your feline friend, what you can do at best is to make the relocation less stressful.

1) prior to your relocation

If you are moving across town or interstate, then the best way is to plan ahead of time to reduce your friend’s stress level. The reason being; cats can sense a change from afoot even before the moving day comes.

What you should do is maintain its routine and also look to pack the bedding, litter trays and bowls last to reduce their anxiety.

Furthermore, if your feline friend is suffering from medical conditions, then speak to the concerning vet and find out whether the relocation may trigger off some health complications in them. Furthermore; you should update the cat’s collar with the new address if they try to run away.

2) At the time of relocation

If you think that the chaos of relocating to a new locale may traumatise your cat, then you are right! To make them relaxed, arrange for them to stay somewhere safe till you have settled at your new residence.

We; “Richards Gold Coast Removals”- your reliable Gold Coast house and furniture removalists always advice our clients to keep all pets out of the way so that we get clear access to the residence and items.

As for moving your household furniture; we not only ensure that each of them is transported to your new residence, but also provide you with impressive storage and packaging options. This way we assure you that whatever be the number and size of furniture; our experienced furniture movers have everything covered from our end.

3) When moving with your cat to your new residence

One key aspect to check is ensuring you have clear access to a cat carrier. Not only does it put them at risk of sickness, but also helps reduce your feline friend’s fear, stress and anxiety.

As your cat is properly tucked inside the carrier, you can put a towel atop it to keep it safe and sound. However, do keep the carrier with you when moving from point A-B and remember to amp up the air-conditioner. Cats are always sensitive to heat and excessive stress.

4) Setting up your cat’s new area at your new home

If you do not want your cat to run away, be it in stress or being freaked out from the new location, then before anything, arrange for their resting place first. Put down their bed, their litter tray, their food and water bowls and also their favourite toys.

This will present them some semblance of similarity and will make them freak out more. The most important aspect of all is that you should always select a safe spot for keeping them. The last thing you want is to make them scared when the movers bring in all your stuff and start to unpack them one-by-one.

In summary

Now you are aware of how to relocate to your new residence with your beloved feline friend. Keep these tips in mind whenever you are planning for such relocations. And if you need assistance, then be sure to call us on 1300 093 719 to book us for our quality yet cheap house and furniture removals in the Gold Coast region.

How to safely transport your pets during an interstate move

So are you moving to another state? It is no doubt something that will cause you a lot of headache. It is no doubt something that will make you spend endless anxious moments during those sleepless nights – only if – you do not put your money on one of those quality removalist companies in and around the Gold Coast area. And when it comes to searching for these names, what better name can you find than Richards Gold Coast Removals? Indeed, we are one of the most celebrated names when it comes to moving stuff from one state to another.

However, moving goods and furniture is one thing, and moving pets is an altogether different proposition. Moving pets is not a very tough task, especially with so many options available these days. However, creating the right ambience and following the proper procedure is what matters, and here is whereas well, we excel at Richards Gold Coast Removals.

All that is needed is a proper ambience and procedure to make sure the pets are at the pink of health and glory during and after the move. While you have your role to play to ensure the safety and security of your pets, the removalist companies also have their role to play. Here are some tips for ensuring smooth removal of pets. We maintain them and would like you to know them as well.

Getting all the vet records together

You need to collate all the records that you have obtained from your vet from time to time, including the ones that are related to vaccination. All these documents will help you to have your pet registered to the new location that you are moving in.

Any quality removalist company will also ask for these documents to get a notion of the health of the pet and to have an idea of whether it will be able to withstand the rigour of the journey. It will also help them to understand whether the pet will need any special care during the transportation.

They will make sure that the vaccination shots are all up to date

While it is the duty of the owners of the pets to make sure that the vaccination shots are all up to date, the same stands for the removalist companies, more so when it comes to moving dogs and felines.

This is also to ensure the safety of their staff, for you never know how they will react while moving them, in case there is an ardent need to bring them out of their cages.

Making sure that the ID tags and chips are updated

These companies will also make sure that the pets are well tagged with the tags carry the new address, and the mobile phone numbers of the owner.

Using a protective carrier

Reputed removalist companies will use high-quality protective carriers for your pets. They will make sure your pet is not hurt during the move, and it is comfortable with enough space inside the carrier, along with toys and foods that will keep it in an upbeat mood, all along during the move.

That is the reason, when it comes to moving your pet, always bank the removalists in Gold Coast who would provide service at a reasonable budget. What better name can you find than Richards Gold Coast Removals.

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