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Relocating from one house to another can be a tiresome task. You need to pick up your life, keep all emotional attachments aside and make a straight-cut plan- the most important of them is hiring a trustworthy removalist company on the Gold Coast.

‘Richards Gold Coast Removals’ can help you with that. With a success record of 100% customer satisfaction; we are your one-stop solution to seamless moves on a tight timeline and budget.

As a reputed removal company, we happily tend to all local moves, inter-state relocation, heavy/fragile furniture and even pre-packing/unpacking and storage services. The best part is that our service rates are as per the accepted rates in the industry without the inclusion of hidden costs.

To help you move successfully and on the first go; our professional team of removalists will:-

1) They help sort out your checklist

If you already have a list then, that saves time. But even if you don’t; our professional removalists will help you make a list of the number of mattresses, bed frames, couches, tables and other furniture sets to back. After the list is complete; we determine the number of storage boxes (in its right size, shape) that you will require.

We have separate storage boxes like- wine cartons, tea chest cartons, packing tape/paper, bubble wraps and port-a-robe with rail to ensure all your items are packed to perfection and deported to its meant destination.

2) They ensure the items go in the right boxes

This is another difficult part of your relocation. Our experts of house removals will choose the right packaging boxes to keep all your valuable items in.

Extra fragile items will be presented with more cushioning with the use of bubble wraps and even clean pieces of cloth to increase impact resistant. They will also label the boxes to make you aware of Which Contains What.

Furthermore; for items which are large-sized; our professional furniture removalist team will detach its parts carefully and pack it with proper care like the rest of the items. We even offer you trucks to deport your items to your new destination without so much as even a scratch occurring to them. 

3) They provide written proof of their insurance coverage

It is only natural for you to be worried about your house valuables regardless of what we promise you. So, for your peace of mind; you will receive written proof of our insurance coverage. With this coverage; our experts vouchsafe compensating for whatever loss or damage happens to your items while being deported. 

4) They provide delivery and unpacking services

Our quest to accomplishing a seamless relocation doesn’t end there. Our experienced Gold Coast removalists will even help you unload each of the items, safely take it inside and unpack it referring to the labels. Once the unpacking is over; we will happily take away all packing materials (if needed) and leave you to enjoy the comfort of your new home. 

5) They save you time

Well, you wouldn’t be sitting idle during the entire relocation process but would be able to prioritise your commitments in a better way. While the experts take care of your belongings and its packing, transportation and unpacking, you get to pay attention other important chores such as letting people such as the banks, your employer, etc. know about your relocation. Packing the belongings does take up a lot of time, and while they do it, you do not have to worry about time management.

6) They provide professional assistance

Believe it or not, the moment you take up the task of packing your belongings to yourself, you are likely to witness accidents, misplacement and an unorganised setup. When it comes to the professionals coming forward to help you with the relocation, you are likely to watch them follow a pattern. They are trained to handle each belonging with equal care and thus would ensure that things are in the right hands. They are known to be organised where each box is marked, and a list is prepared with details of its contents to make things easy for you when it comes to unpacking them.

7) They use the best packing materials

The least we do while packing out belongings is to wrap them in a newspaper or plastic pouches, but when it comes to the removalists helping you with it, they ensure that each item that they are packing is packed with care so that there is no damage caused during transportation. The professionals for local removals on the Gold Coast wrap furniture with shrink tapes or bubble wraps which are known to keep the item stable and safe. No matter what the pressure the items receive, there is minimal damage.

8) They ensure your belongings are in safe hands

It is their business, and they have a reputation to maintain, and so they would ensure that your belongings are safe and secure in their hands, they own specific moving trucks that are known to accommodate belongings in the best way without causing damage to it. They are equipped with the right manpower that ensures that things are packed, hauled, transported, unloaded and unpacked in the best possible way.

9) They provide secure storage services

Reputable removalist companies will provide secure storage services to house your precious belongings in case they reach the destination before schedule.

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