Have you decided to shift your house before the new year, 2019? That’s great as you will start living in a brand new place from the new year onwards. And, of course, the summer holidays in Australia are best to be put into use for house relocation.

So, to get started, you need to talk to our experts, your trusted partner in moving, Richards Gold Coast Removals and schedule for packing and moving.

But, if you are shifting your location for the first time, you are possibly not aware of everything about the moving boxes. You need to order a pile of boxes, and if you have thought that any of those will be okay for the relocation, you are surely mistaken.

All of them may have four sides and one lid, but those are different in sizes. And, also each of the moving boxes has a different purpose to serve.

Let’s fill you with some knowledge about the packing boxes here.

  • Small Cardboard Boxes for Heavy Material

Small box for Heavy Goods

You surely don’t want the heavyweight belongings to keep tumbling inside the boxes while the professionals of interstate removals shift it in the moving truck.

Keeping books, canned goods, small appliances, bottles and other small unbreakable stuff will be a great idea. The science behind packing the boxes with heavy stuff is that there will no big boxes left for heavy things.

  • Medium Cardboard Boxes to Pack Anything you Want

Pack Anything & Everything

The medium sized cardboard boxes can be used for any purposes. From kitchen utensils to clothes, from souvenirs to toys, you can fill the boxes with things of your choice. The medium sized boxes are reckoned as the standard boxes. Make sure; you are getting the boxes of good quality.

  • Large Cardboard Boxes for Lightweight Goods

Large but Not Heavy

Keep the large cardboard boxes to pack lightweight goods in it. It can be used to stuff and move pillows, blankets, soft toys and clothing material. Those who plan for packing heavy stuff inside the large boxes are not doing the right thing at all. The boxes will be difficult to manage by the professionals, and there are chances of accidents as well.

  • Picture Carton for Transporting Mirrors

Slide the Mirror In

These particular carons are used for transporting mirrors, artworks and pictures. The length is big, but the width remains a bit narrow. That’s why it becomes easy for the professional removalists in Gold Coast to slide in the mirrors and glasses easily in the picture cartons without the fear of breaking down.

  • Hardwood Boxes for Breakable Material

Save the Precious

For transporting easily breakable material, you ought to be a bit extra careful. Especially for glassware or collectible antiques, you need to give some extra care while choosing the boxes. Go for the hardwood packing boxes and pack the stuff with some extra attention.

Final Words

For high-quality moving boxes in a wide range of sizes for both large and small quantities, feel free to contact Richards Gold Coast Removals. We have a variety of moving boxes in our collection. Consult our removalists regarding the estimate of moving boxes and get started with the relocation process right away.

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