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Mirror Moving

MOVING??? Losing sleep over the very thoughts of the move?? Well.. you are not the only one to lose sleep over moves or the very thoughts thereof. So there is nothing to feel intimidated.

This proves that you are a responsible bloke and you care for your stuff unlike some of those more oblivious Aussies, who do not care about anything – come what may! But in hindsight, it gives rise to an obvious question… how to handle stuffs during a move, more so the ones that are brittle and sensitive?

Well, there are so many such things in your world. Take, for instance, the large wall mirror that you have inherited from your grandpa – the one that gives your bedroom a retro look with that old fashioned frame.

Fret not! You have the seasoned movers for cheap removals in Gold Coast who are more than expert in handling them. When it comes to picking one from them, what better name can choose than Richards Gold Coast Removals?

Inevitably, when it comes to moving sensitive stuff like large wall mirrors, our seasoned experts come up with the best ways to make sure the good is moved unscathed and unblemished. Here are the steps that they take.

Masking the mirror

This is the first step that we take. Masking mirrors is a specialised task. Our experts take a roll of decorator’s masking tape, and make a large ‘X’ out of it, pasting the tape diagonally from one corner at the top to another at the bottom in the front as well as at the back. Depending upon the size and the shape of the mirror, the size of the ‘X’ varies.

Next, they would make four (or more – depending upon the size of the mirror) smaller masking tape-crosses for each quarter that the larger X has created. Besides, they also mask the sides of the mirror.

This helps in two ways. One – it provides some added flexibility while still letting the mirror to bend slightly when the vehicle runs into bumps or knocks during the move. Secondly, even in the worst-case scenario, if the mirror breaks, the tapes hold the pieces together (we never let that happen though)!!

Using bubble wrap

Next, it is the time for the bubble wrap to step in. Our experts cover up the mirror thoroughly and adequately with a bubble wrap for the move. High-quality bubble wraps are really the saviour of fragile materials like a mirror during moves.

They would wrap up the mirror in such a way so that no part or corner of the mirror including the frame is exposed. They would provide further protection by placing the wrapped-up mirror between a pair of stiff corrugated cardboard sheets, which are a bit larger than the size of the mirror with the masking tapes and the bubble wrap on.

Blanketing the mirror

They then may use a think blanket, eiderdown or quilt to wrap up the mirror in such a way further, that the mirror is literally blanketed.

They do this before finally putting the mirror into the transport box that is suitably sized to hold the stuff comfortably. The size of the container, which should be a sturdy one, is such that the blanketed mirror can move in the box comfortably. This will make sure no pressure is exerted on the mirror during transit.

Again, the experts would tape the box thoroughly so much so that it is properly sealed.

Transporting it

Finally… it is time to transport the mirror. They would load the mirror in the vehicle upside down and place it in such a way that it remains safe and unaffected by the movement of the vehicle during the journey.

Therefore you see, packing and moving mirrors is quite a specialised task that our experts can handle pretty competently. Hence, do not think twice before hiring local removalists like Richards Gold Coast Removals. We will make sure that your investment pays off correctly.

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