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Kitchenware removalist

A well-managed relocation is one way to reduce clutter and be rid of any items which you don’t wish to have! Besides, its common courtesy to leave your old house appearing as clean as possible. In some instances this clean up and decluttering of items stands mandatory by the landlord, and should you choose not to do it, then you also risk losing your deposited lease money.

But the irony of it is that managing a relocation is no mean task. Performing all that cleaning, packing and even labelling boxes can turn out to be JUST TOO MUCH.. Strangely, most of that time is devoted to your Kitchen- which without a doubt is one of the most time consuming and hassle-full tasks. But there’s a lesson to be taken. As it is the hardest room to pack and move, it should be the first place, to begin with.

Packing your kitchen needs a systematic approach

Arrange All Your Moving Essentials

This may involve:-

  • Small-sized and large-sized boxes- depending on the no. of items in your kitchen.
  • Translucent sandwich bags for wrapping small items.
  • Butcher paper.
  • A sharpie and quality sellotape.

Handling Your Pricey Appliances

If you consist of medium to large-sized storage boxes, keep your appliances inside them. You can use butcher paper or thick towels to cover it and safeguard it from shocks or impacts.

If there are lots of detachable parts, then cover them with plastic sheets and put it with the appliance unit. You can also use small transparent bags to store them safely and prevent them from getting misplaced. Once you have put them inside its appropriately-sized boxes, fill the spare edges with butcher paper to ensure there are no existing gaps.

Note:  When dealing with your refrigerator or air conditioner, be sure to turn them off a day before you intend to pack them up.

Now, let’s talk about your kitchenware

Starting with your kitchen knives

Packing of kitchen knives

  • Look to wrap them into a roll using 3 layouts of butcher paper. Keep little space between each of them. When rolling them, begin from one end and roll the knife around to the other.
  • Keep thick cardboard (or bulk of discarded paper) at those sharp ends for extra protection. You can even apply sellotape (as you see fit) to prevent those sharp edges from protruding outwards.

P.S – Employ the same method for packing away your kitchen cutlery till they are tight and properly secured. Don’t hesitate to add extra butcher paper, if the need arises.

Moving on to your dishes, cups, glasses & wine glasses

Packing of Kitchen Dishes

  • Cover each dish using bubble wraps/ butcher paper and stack them one over another into your moving boxes. But make sure you don’t stuff it too much and make the box heavy. For extra protection; you can also use towels, drapes, useless clothes or bubble wraps to protect your fragile items.
  • For your cups and glasses; you can use butcher paper to fill them up individually without leaving any gaps. Put them properly inside the box, but don’t overfill it. You can use towels atop the box to prevent gaps for those fragile items to move around.
  • Use the same tactics when storing away your expensive wine glasses. Thickly cover the stem with butcher paper. Then put butcher paper inside the glass without leaving any space. Strategically place it inside the boxes keeping the ear in an upright position. Again, don’t overfill the box or put anything heavy atop it.

P.S – Be sure to mark or label those boxes as fragile. It will help you when you eventually lift them and haul it in a truck.

Lastly, for your kitchen pantry & perishable goods

Packing of Kitchen Pantry

Start by storing away your spice containers. Keep them inside compact boxes and ensure that the cap or lid of those containers is tightly sealed. Then move over to the larger items like a toaster, coffee maker, rice-maker or even BBQ set-up.

Carefully pack them using thick drapes of cloth or towels (if you are left with any). If they have extension wires or attachable items, put them inside a plastic zipper and keep them in the same box with its respective unit. Also, remember to label them properly for your later reference.

P.S – Leave items that you’ve already opened or which may cause spillage. Get rid of open oils. The rest of the pouches can be put away in a plastic bag.

Final Word

There are plenty of things to look after when you are planning for a full-fledged relocation. But hopefully, these tips will help you streamline your relocation requirements and make it stress-free.

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