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Moving Antique Clock

So your new home – your OWN home has finally come up! Congrats, mate! Now it’s time for you to move and this is, not by any means, a child’s play. You need to hire a seasoned moving company for that, as you have a lot of things to move and each of them needs to be handled in a specific way. There are those electronic gadgets, and the old furniture, the decors and the paintings and the mirrors that have to be shifted. All of them need to be cared upon during the move in a specific way and then,….the antique grandfather clock that you need to be cared about as well!

Have you thought of how to do it? Fret not; we are there at your service. Indeed, Richards Gold Coast Removals will come in handy in a BIG way, when it comes to shifting highly sensitive stuff like your grandfather clock!

Benefits of a removalist

There are many things to consider when it comes to moving Grandfather Clocks. You need to make sure that their vintage charm and the sentimental value that is often attached to these clocks are not tainted.  This is where we come with a difference. We will advise you to put money on companies that are especially expert in moving this valuable and fragile stuff. We pride in the fact, as one of the most prominent removalists in Gold Coast we ARE experts at this!

What steps are taken?

To ship the heirlooms, your Grandfather Clock MUST be disassembled and packed up with utmost care. This is something that should never be rushed at, and hence we give as much time as it takes to do so impeccably, and pack them with utmost care.

1) Rounding up necessary tools and supplies

We start with gathering all the necessary moving tools and the supplies. For ensuring that the clock is moved with utmost care as well as attention, our experts would use the best pairs of gloves for removing the spare parts, including the upper and lower, side and frontal glass panels.  We will also use quality blankets and padding as well as the best bubble wraps for protecting each interior as well as exterior parts of your clock including the glass and the minute parts of the mechanism, including the pendulum(s). We also use other necessary means that ensure absolute spotless and seamless move of the clock to your new address.

2) The move itself

As one of the most reputed home movers on the Gold Coast, we arrange for the seamless transit of the clock in trucks are that are spacious enough to keep the parts safe and protected. In addition, the condition of the truck that we offer is optimal so that there is hardly any effect of the journey on the spare parts, regardless of the distance between the two addresses. Also, perfect and specialised packaging for the clock ensures foolproof safety and security.

There is a lot to do – managing the hanging weights, the pendulums, the sensitive parts of the timing mechanisms, the glass panels need to be at the perfect shape.

3) Assembling the clock at the new address

When it comes to reassembling the clock at the new address, our experts will follow the right steps and the correct procedure to make sure the clock is set up at your new address in a perfect way, and it works unabated, giving you the right time as usual.

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