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If you’ve decided to relocate soon; then one question will always pop up in your mind-

“When should you start your relocation process?”

And as much as this is true; you can’t deny that managing a move a herculean task. And to execute it successfully; you need to start with ample time at your disposal. 

House moving can be daunting because

  • It requires proper coordination between how (and what) you’re going to move.
  • Properly pack all your household belongings.
  • Dealing with the existing utilities.
  • And informing all the people around you about your plan to relocate.

One way to do it seamlessly without stress and tension is to start early- preferably as soon as the move is confirmed. 

How and when should you get started?

Research your options beforehand as that plays a crucial role in your moving operation. Even if you think that you can’t afford a full-service relocation company for your small house or apartment; you can hire mini movers in the Gold Coast who charge you for what you move.

House Moving Timeline

6-8 weeks prior to your move

  • Clean the attic, basement, closets, garage and decide what to keep and what to discard. Make a separate list of items to discard, donate or sell.
  • Contact a reliable moving company by reading testimonials, certification, insurance and even their service quote. It is always best to book a company with time at hand to avoid last minute relocation hiccups or inconveniences.
  • Take inventory with a moving checklist, organise them in carton boxes and contact people who are interested in buying those extra items.

4-6 weeks prior to your move

  • Once you have sold off your extra items to potential buyers, the next step is sharing your relocation news to your kid’s school (if any); your boss and your regular utilities. You should also inform your personal doctor so that she/he can provide you with all medical records and grant you a clean slate.
  • If you have pets such as cats or dogs, make arrangements for them either at your friends’/relatives till everything is sorted properly.
  • Change your daily mail and newspaper address.
  • Remember to call your insurance company.
  • Properly arrange your valuables, particularly extensive, antique and fragile items. Box them up first and put labels over them for identification.
  • CAnd call up a quality cleaning company and request a full-fledged clean-up at your new residence.

2 weeks prior to your move

  • If there are items that are seldom used for special occasions, then pack them up separately and mark it.
  • And, organise all essential documents, which include bills, stocks, insurance policies, bank account statements all in the same carton box.
  • Other items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, cutlery items, clothes and any other item which you will need upon immediate arrival should also be packed properly. 

1 day prior to your move

  • Look to defrost your refrigerator and also clean it properly.
  • Keep your box of jewellery, ornaments, checkbooks and other items- marked and ready for transfer.
  • Call up the new apartment manager to provide proper elevator access to your movers. And, arrange for a on-site parking permits to avoid move delays.

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