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People want to save money while moving and that’s quite natural! But remember, to do so, do not put your stakes on any name. Not every moving business is transparent and ethical. Only some are, and make sure you do not fall prey to the traps of these few.

That is the reason why you need to put stakes on reputed and seasoned names like Richards Gold Coast Removals. We have been in this niche for years, offering our clients absolutely transparent and customised service at a competitive rate.

However, on this page, we discuss the different types of hidden fees that some unethical companies would slap on their customers and the perils thereof.

1) Storage Costs

This is the most common hidden charge that these companies would slap on its customers. This happens more in case of long haul moves when the vehicles have to move overnight. They would stop for the night and store the belongings in a warehouse for little or no reason and then charge a ‘storage cost’ on the customers.

2) Road Charges

This is another hidden cost, which these removalists in Gold Coast would at times slap on their clients. The longer the move will linger, the customers will have to pay more, and in case the weather is inclement, these businesses will take advantage of that and make the move even longer, hiking that road fees proportionately.

3) Utility Fees

Some removalist companies would insist on various deposits and connection or utility costs, which are never refunded. Initially, these companies will include these bills from the customers, telling that the payments are taken as security deposits and will be returned.

However, in most cases, they are not refunded and are added in the charge for vague reasons, which leaves the customers utterly confused. This happens mostly in cases of companies that are not registered. This is why putting stakes on reputed and registered companies is so important.

4) Security Deposits

There are a few companies that will include security deposits instead of utility fees on various vague grounds and refrain from refunding the money after the move pm different grounds.

5) Extra charges for moving to difficult locations

These companies will impose extra fees if you have your new apartment on the upper floors of a multi-storied condo or building. They would levy you these additional compensations, even if they have to carry your stuff in a lift.

6) Additional charges for appliance-related services

When people move appliances, these companies will levy extra for the simplest of activities like disconnecting electrical and electronic appliances and setting them up at the new addresses.

7) Heavy or bulky items charge

These removalist companies would include an additional cost for packing, moving and unpacking extra-large items – something that genuine companies like Richards Gold Coast Removals will never do.

So you see, when you put your stakes on unscrupulous companies for cheap removals in Gold Coast, they will not help in savings. Instead, they will cause some unnecessary expenses out of your pocket.

That is why you need to put your stakes on names like us. To know further details, please call us at 0432 215 121. We will be more than happy to resolve your queries.

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