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Hiring a local removalist always helps when you move, but only when you hire a trustworthy and competent name. Now the million-dollar question in this regard is that how you can be sure that you are putting money on the right name.

The wisest way is to ask the company a few questions and see what reply you get. Their responses to these questions will give you an indication, whether you are relying on the right name, or not!

So, here we are, with the questions that you need to ask:

1) What experience do you have?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask when it comes to hiring a removalist. Understandably, you just cannot trust any company and authorise them to handle your assets, which may include valuable electronic equipment, antiques and other priceless stuff.

Hence, you must know the number of years they have been working as a removalist. This will give you an idea of how good and competent they are as local removals in Gold Coast. This will add to the peace of your mind, even while on the move. Beyond this, it’s also a good idea to ask for referrals from former customers, so that the quality of their services can be verified.

2) What does the quote include?

This is the next-most-important question you need to ask. You should clearly know what is included in their quote. See whether they have quoted for insurance and storage or whether they will add extra for that.

Besides, you need to ask for the extras that might be included in the quote.

3) Do you offer packing services?

If you are to move in a hurry, you might not have the time to do all the packing. That is the reason you might ask whether the company will offer packing service so that you do not have to be worried about it.

4) Do you provide extra protection for my valuable belongings?

This is another question that you ask the removalists in Gold Coast whom you hire. You might have assets that are priceless, and they may be extremely fragile and sensitive.

Thus, when it comes to handling them, you need to be extra careful. Ask the company whether they will take extra care to protect them during the move. Also, know what precautions they will be giving to those assets during the transit.

5) How will you protect my home from accidental damage?

This is another question that you should ask. There is a high probability of the walls or the door frames getting damaged when the furniture, more so that bigger ones are removed. Thus, you need to ask the experts what measures will they take to avert that damage.

6) Are you fully insured?

You might consider insuring your belongings when you move. However, there are a few risks, which fall beyond the control of the removalists. The only way to safeguard the assets from those risks is to get yourself insured. If the removers do insure, ask them about the extent of their coverage, and whether the coverage is included in their quote, or not!

If these are the primary questions you ought to ask, some other questions that you may raise include:

  • How do they handle complaints?
  • What does the company ask you to do prior to the move?
  • What instructions they have to give you?

Once you get satisfactory answers to all these questions, you can be assured that you are putting money on a company that is competent and well experienced.

As the final check out, you can get the references from the company and talk to those individuals in person, to get a first-hand report of how they fare as a removalist company.

We at Richards Gold Coast Removals pride in the fact that we have affirmative answers to all these questions and this makes us one of the most trusted and sought after names in Gold Coast when it comes to moving.

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