The cloud of stress starts building up in your head as soon as the date of your relocation is finalised. It is indeed a hectic process, and the shift is never going to be smooth if you don’t start your planning as early as possible. Moreover, if you have a pool of furniture in your house, you are required to be extra careful.

Upholstery is undoubtedly one of the most expensive items in your house and if you have antique furniture as an addition, then moving those without any assistance from the professionals can turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Handling with care is not enough when you are moving furniture. Some of the antiques you have may not have any replacement. Therefore, how effective safety measures the furniture removalists in Gold Coast have decided for the removal is the only thing that matters. As a matter of fact, if something wrong happens during the removal process, it can injure you or the removalists on the spot.

Here are some of the safety methods the experts of Richards Gold Coast Removals follow during the relocation process that will assure you about the hassle-free move.


Disassembling the Furniture First

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Apparently, it may seem that dismantling the furniture is nothing but an extra work as it will not make any difference while moving. The notion may also occur you that you will need some additional packing supplies to pack up the dismantled parts properly.

However, that is not the truth. Disassembling the furniture effectively during relocation has its own benefits.


Why should you disassemble the furniture?

The first reason is definitely the size. Calculate the space you have in your doorways and then calculate the measurement of your big furniture like bed, piano, dinner table, bookshelves, huge armchairs and others. Will it not be difficult to pass the furniture through the door? Of course, it will be difficult. For this reason, removalists often consider bringing those out of those offices through the roof using a harness.

How does the hassle of the entire process look like to you? Now, think of the situation when you could have saved a ransom amount of money from the laborious process of moving things by just dismantling the furniture you have and move those along with other packing boxes.


Ensure extra moving straps are there

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It depends on the number of furniture you are required to move. If the bulk is quite heavy, then it is better to use extra moving straps and additional protectors to ensure every single piece of furniture is being protected. You may ask the removalists beforehand regarding what kind of material is going to be used for packing the furniture beforehand.


Proper Lifting technique should be applied

Applying the right methods for lifting the furniture matter the most to ensure your furniture is safe and sound till the time it reaches the new destination. Using a furniture dolly is necessary when the removalists are lifting heavy furniture.


Make sure there is nothing on the stairs

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While the cheap removalists in Gold Coast are making their way down the stairs outside, make sure there is nothing on the stairs, or it is not slippery. Otherwise, significant accidents can occur.

For ensuring optimum safety for the furniture you are relocating, trust on none, but the specialist removalists of Richards Gold Coast Removals who have dealt with many moving projects beforehand and the experience get reflected in their service quality.

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