As a parent; you want to give your yet-to-be-born child the best of the world. Plus; you want a proper and commodious place to raise them properly. For that, so many to-be-moms take their pregnancy as a great motivation to move out of their old place and move into a more spacious one.

But, it is no secret that relocating is very stressful. And when you are in pain and expecting, then the task becomes even more daunting to handle. To minimise the strain and stress of relocation, here are some vital tips all pregnant ladies should adhere to.

Don’t Plan 2-3 Days Before The Move Day:-

To avoid the stress of a house move; you should plan and organise everything in advance.

This includes:-

  • Picking out which items to take (and which to leave behind).
  • The best way to pack everything safely.
  • And picking the right removalists in the area to lighten the load.

Planning everything beforehand makes it easier to give attention to every important detail. Plus, it makes packing quicker, easier and less stressful. When you have everything planned properly ahead of time; you can predict how the move will happen. And that will ensure less stress and anxiety when the move-day finally comes.

Lift Lighter, Smaller Things & Bend Carefully:-

House Removals During Pregnancy

Pregnancy produces enhanced levels of hormone relax in that loosens the ligaments, brings about postural changes and also puts on extra weight. And all of this makes you more prone to getting hurt when lifting and bending inappropriately.

So the tip is to lift lighter and smaller (specifically not weighing more than 10-15 pounds) items by wearing support belts and carpal tunnel wrist splints to better your stability. Also, wear supportive shoes with good arc support and shock-absorbing features. That will help mitigate accidents and injury possibilities.

As for the rest of your heavy household items, furniture and appliances; you can rely on us; “Richards Gold Coast Removals”.

Our local and budget removalists in Tweed Heads offers you a wide range of services, packing materials and even storage facilities for your precious goods. No move is difficult for us, and using our experience; we back ourselves to execute the move promptly, yet safely.

Defeat The ‘Pregnancy Brain’Condition:  

The dreaded ‘Pregnancy Brain’ is a condition that makes ladies lose track of things or items. And when planning a smooth move; this common condition can possibly hinder it- particularly when you are trying to make a list of all your household items.

To make things easier for you; our experts will help you pack, sticker/label each box to keep track, and even help you with the unpacking (if requested). Our experts are very cordial and understanding and respecting your condition; they won’t mind lending you a helping hand with the unpacking. 

Other Essential Tips:- 

  • Drink plenty of water on the move day to keep your hydration levels up.
  • Always pack a move-day personal kit including snacks, electrolytes, medicines, toiletries and a phone charger.
  • Look to register with a new Gynaecologist as you can’t risk not being prepared for emergencies even during the move. Also, inform the old doctor about your move and look to complete all scheduled appointments well before the move day.
  • Lastly, be relaxed and trust your chosen expert for smooth and damage-free house removalsin Gold Coast.

Ready For The House Move? 

The key to a stress-free move- especially when you’re expecting- depends on proper preparation, and finding experts who won’t let you down.

To make your move smooth, call @ 1300093719, and let us know your move date. We will send our reliable Gold Coast movers to take care of everything.

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