You may have planned everything for your move, except one thing-the fridge that makes you baffled with worries. So, how to move the fridge to new home? Your fridge is huge and you may have heard about the stories, where people have ruined their fridge during the move. However, professional help can take your burden off from the shoulder. Well, even if you involve professionals for moving, there are certain things you need to do to move your fridge safely-


Turn off the power supply on the night before moving:

By doing this, you give time to the evaporator to defrost. This is one of the necessary steps, as it let the oil and other necessary fluids settle instead of flowing through the compressor. In case of a automatic ice maker, disconnect the hose and remove the ice to avoid the chance of spilling or any further damage.


Take out the entire perishable item and disinfect it:

Cook only the amount you can consume, which is the first step to make your fridge ready for relocation. Moreover, you need to disinfect the fridge, as a non-working fridge produces a heat that can stimulate the production of the microbes if the fridge surface is unclean. It not only creates the odour but also causes the contamination, whenever you put any food inside.


 Don’t forget to remove the shelve:

Refrigerator glass shelving no doubt hold a number of item in it. Well, when it comes to bumping at the time of transit, shelves may face breakage. Hence, remove the shelves and cover them with protective wrap, which could be a blanket, bubble wrap or packing paper.

Seal the fridge door with tape:

To prevent the accidental opening of the fridge door, professional removalists in Gold Coast tape the doors to assure no swinging and damage to the belongings further.


Fridge shouldn’t scratch the floors:

In case refrigerators don’t have wheels, you need to use something that can help in easy sliding of refrigerator. A sturdy strap, cardboard or a sheet underneath the fridge can make the sliding easy. Next to this, swing the fridge back and forth and keep sliding the item underneath.


Use any protective wraps and blankets:

Make sure you have quality-packing wraps that can protect your fridge from the sudden jerks during the transit. However, after wrapping the fridge with professional wrapping paper, give it a double protection with a blanket. Secure the blanket to the fridge with sturdy packaging tape. While securing the blanket, make sure the tape only touches the packing wrap, not the fridge, as it can cause an ugly mark on it.

While capping it off here, make sure, you’re not taking risk of moving fridge on your own. It takes the involvement of more than one person, and removalists in Tweed Heads come as a team, where few staffs rock the trolley and some other staffs pushes the fridge forwards. As soon as you get the fridge on trolley, make sure you fasten it with quality strap. Professionals have quality-moving equipment to handle fragile items as well as refrigerator that are better not to be handled by an unprofessional one.

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