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Tips to Move With Your Furry Friend

Moving can be stressful for people, so just think how much anxious your pet can get? Pets get easily stressed upon seeing unexpected activity in the home or upon being introduced to the new environment. What if a person with four cats and two fish were about to move? It’s not that easy task, and the challenges do not come with certain formulas to execute it successfully. So, here we are bringing some tips to make you get ready to move with your beloved companions.

Easy to Access Overnight Kit

So, what is it? By preparing such easily accessible overnight kit, you make your journey ready for your pets. You will get enough dog food, kitty litter box, grooming tools, toys to keep them comfortably engage during the phase of packing and unpacking.

Don’t Forget to Contact Your Vet

While moving out of the area, inform your vet, so that you can take medical records and prescription of the medication with you. The vet in your new area can treat any abnormalities in your pet. 

Take your Pets in the Vehicle

Take pet to your new house in your own vehicle. Cats and small dogs can be put in a carrier in the back seat and that can be secured with the harness. The bigger dogs can be moved in a kennel in the back of the car. If possible, put seats down. And some pets feel comfortable if you throw a blanket over their carrier and stop them from seeing the changing environment outside.

Prevent them from Getting Out

While transporting animals to your new place, there is a high chance of getting lost. Once they’re in the car, it’s important not to open the kennel, even if the pet is well-behaved. And, most importantly give them some time to adjust in their new home.

Keep the Pets Away from the Action Area

Even during the move, it is the best way to reduce the stress of an animal by keeping them in the quietest area possible. Either leave someone with them for playing or leave them in the kennel- whatever you do, just keep them away from the areas in action for smooth house removal. You might be busy in emptying the bedroom, closing the doors and windows or putting them in the carrier- ensure they are at a safe temperature and have water and food ready for the haul. And don’t forget to keep eyes on them frequently.

Introduce Pets to their New Home

Move the house before you move the pet and confine them to a section of your home while they are being adjusted to their surroundings. Introduce objects like blankets, toys and a lot more and make them feel as they are in their old home.

So, whether it is dogs, fish, birds or guinea pigs- prevent them from suffering from the change. And Richards Gold Coast removals help with managing necessary packing, unpacking and moving items carefully so that you can put more attention on your furry friend. Call 1300 093 719 to book our services.

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