House removal means a thousand things will keep on popping up in your head from the time you have started the planning to the time the relocation process is over. In between all the preparation work going on, you might skip the factor that the floor and wall need to be protected too.

It’s Important to Keep the Wall and Floor Protected

Especially, if you have large furniture in your house that is to be moved through the floor, you have to be extra cautious regarding the floor and wall. Also, on the moving day, there will be much traffic in your house. So, accidents can happen anytime. So as a result, you might have to give a penalty to your landlord as well.

Well, the professional removalists of Richards Gold Coast Removals, however, pay special attention the factor as we know how much money is involved in the construction process. Get to know the common myths surrounding removal services to make sure you are not making any mistake with your packing process with heavy furniture.

Here we share a few tips with you for the protection of your floor, walls, carpets and many more.

Use Bubble Wraps to Avoid Wall Concussion

Bubble Wraps to Avoid Wall Concussion

The sharp edges of your furniture are the biggest enemies of the walls. To blunt the edges, it is recommended to use bubble wraps and guard the areas.

Create a Spotter

It’s almost impossible to remove any heavy furniture through the doors in a single effort. To make sure the object is kept down on the floor before getting too close with the vulnerable areas of the wall, you can create a spotter. It will help in maintaining a safe distance.

Use a Carpet Surface Cover

Carpet Surface Cover

If you have carpet on your floor, it will seem to be a nightmare to find out that the carpet got torn up because of the furniture edge. Also, as our removalists walk on the carpeted floor lifting the furniture, dragging it when needed.

However, moving the couch may not be a huge issue with these 3 tips that include – right equipment, right packing material and proper precautions as our removalists will take care of all of it. The surface cover will help in dealing with these needs effectively.

Saving the Hardwood Floor

The problem is even bigger if you don’t have carpet on the floor. For the hardwood flooring, our removalists take cloth or blanket to place the furniture on the top of it and then drag it through. It helps to prevent scratches or dents from the wooden floor. Also, there are trolleys for transporting portable luggage that we even put to use.

Wrapping it Up

If you don’t know how pro removalists handle your heavy furniture when relocating, you should get in touch with the experts of Richards Gold Coast Removals today. Even if your house has narrow entrances and exits, leave it to us, and we will make sure the heavy furniture is removed without leaving a scratch on the walls or floor.

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