Through the course of your home relocation- you desperately try to keep everything organised and clutter-free. But no matter how much you try, some items always get misplaced or forgotten in the chaos.

As much frustrating as it may seem- all this can be easily avoided by staying calm and preparing a move checklist! Remember that you are not the only one who tends to forget some items during a big move. And to help you remember, here are few commonly forgotten things.


Items Borrowed By Your Neighbours:-

First, in the list of commonly forgotten items during a house move are those items that you have borrowed from your neighbours. It may be a nut breaker or some kitchen appliance that you acquired some time ago and likely forgot to return before the move.

So, remember to return it to them, and if you have a habit of forgetting things, you can make a list, or write it down somewhere to fall back before the move day!

Gardening Tools:-

They are typically located outside your home. And that makes it a common item that homeowners forget. Hoses, lawnmowers, weed cutters, etc. can be expensive to buy again. So, unless you are alright spending money like its nothing, don’t forget about them.


One of the most common items that are either forgotten or lost are keys. They may be keys to your car, cabinet, safe, or even your old houses. Losing them will cause difficulty later on.

To prevent this from happening, use a small box to store all those important keys together.

Chargers & Plug-ins:-

One thing that most homeowners tend to do is pack their large-sized or expensive items first- to avoid any damage. And if you have lots of heavy, fragile and expensive items and want to pack them first, it is very common to forget those little items like chargers, plug-ins or even headphones.

As little as they seem, your laptop and mobile phone/tablet cannot function without it. One wise idea would be to pack the device charger with the device and label it after sealing the boxes. This will help you remember that all-important parts and accessories of a specific device are packed along with it.

Household Tools:-

This implies household tools such as hammers, nails, screwdrivers, etc. Usually, they should lie in the tool box, but, if you work with them in your garage, there’s a good chance that you have left it there and forgotten about it.

To avoid this, ensure all your household tools are safely tucked inside your toolbox- so when you pack it- everything tool goes with it!

Medicines & Their Prescriptions:-

Though not all, but there are some medical prescriptions that you will require at some point. More so, if it belongs to an elderly member of your family who is under strict medication.

Phone Book Or Address Books:-

Lastly, another frequently forgotten item during your big house move is the phonebook or address book. They are important as if you don’t want to leave behind all your important contacts behind. So, when preparing your packing checklist, also include this important item.

It’s baffling to find how many responsible homeowners forget these commonly used household items during their move day. One wise way is to make a proper checklist to ensure no item is left behind regardless of their move size.

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