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Moving to a new place is definitely exciting considering the fact that you will have a new house, meet new people and experience new emotions. But it’s not all rosy when it comes to a move. Not only are there several aspects to cater to, but some people absolutely hate the idea of leaving a location which has been their home for several years. Then there is the prospect of packing everything up and loading into a moving truck; the whole process seems tricky for a lot of people. More often than not, these are the people who prefer to hire the services of professional removalists in Gold Coast and entrust them with the job of handling the entire move.  

But be it an office or house move, it’s inevitable that something or the other will get misplaced or damaged during the whole process. Considering the fact that there are some many things to pack and load, it can happen that you might end up forgetting some things or break fragile items while moving in a hurry.  Sure, you can’t stop these things even if you are extremely careful, but what you can do however is minimise the extent of any damage.


Here’s a few tips for you to ensure that you don’t have many misplaced or damaged items

1) Make sure you supervise the whole process

Sure, you are hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast because you don’t want to face the hassle involved in the move, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t even take a look at what the professionals are doing. Trusting these professionals way more than necessary can easily turn out to be one of your worst decisions. What will you do if some of them decide to steal some of your belongings? If you don’t supervise the whole process, you won’t even come to know the misplaced items until your unpack them again.

2) Don’t neglect the importance of a checklist

You can’t deny the fact that when it comes to organising things you can’t do without a well-created checklist. Take a good look around the house and prepare a checklist of all the things which you will need in your new house. You can either divide the list according to the category of the items or the room. Make sure that you also prepare a list of things which you don’t necessarily want in your new house and will want to discard. If you misplace things in the process, you can always look up this list to find out what and where they are.

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3) Don’t jump rooms while packing

Many people tend to move to the next room without finishing the entire packing which is obviously the wrong way to go about it. If you have started packing the items in one room, make sure that you don’t stop until everything is inside a box, ready to be loaded. One thing that you can do is label the boxes marking the contents in them. It will help you know the contents of the boxes without even opening them.

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