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Moving Tips

Have you already finalised your moving day? Booking in advance is certainly a wise decision, but that does not mean you can just relax till the day finally arrives. There is still a lot to do on your behalf. And, especially on the moving day, you have to give your best performance.

So, before you get zoned out, we thought of giving you a glimpse of the day. Well, of course, the experience will differ depending on the stress level one can really manage. Some people just lose their calm due to overtly stressing on any matter. You surely don’t want to get counted among those people.

For that, you need to follow our guidelines below. Find out how you can actually avoid common ‘Moving Day’ mistakes that most people make, with this essential moving checklist.

Things You Should Do on Moving Day

Things to do on moving Day

  • Before the movers come in, make sure you have the moving boxes adequately prepared and labelled. Our movers will be there to help you at every step on your moving day but if you forget to label your moving boxes, you yourself might forget which boxes contain fragile goods. Follow these tips safely packing fragile items when moving house for more details.
  • Keep a moving special bag aside. You can never assume how much time it will actually take to finish up the moving process. You might not get the time for unpacking on the very day. That’s why keeping an essential bag or survival kit with all the necessary things ready will be a must thing to do.
  • Keep the floors dry, and the access points open to make sure the movers don’t have to face any obstacle, especially, when they are shifting big furniture like your bed or couch. Also, keeping the floor wet may lead to unpleasant accidents that you certainly did not expect to happen.

Thing You Should Avoid Doing on your Moving Day

Things not to do on moving days

For things to avoid, let’s give you an on-point list to follow. Make a comprehensive plan for a smooth house removal by keeping these things at bay.

  • Don’t Stress
  • Don’t forget to arrange for parking
  • Don’t forget to let the property owner know that it is your moving day.
  • Don’t keep your pets (cats or dogs) in your house on a moving day
  • Don’t skip your sleep just the night before the moving day
  • Don’t keep anything unpacked for the moving day
  • Don’t panic if you are not finding anything important at that exact moment. Wait for us to shift and then concentrate on searching the missing item.
  • Don’t keep your car keys or house keys loose out there
  • Don’t keep the essential documents scattered everywhere
  • Don’t forget to save some cash in hand on a moving day.

Final Words

Is your moving day about to arrive? Recheck the dates and schedules with the professionals of Richards Gold Coast Removals and be prepared following the essential dos and don’ts listed above. Make sure you follow the rules with maximum attention for a fuss-free and smooth relocation.

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