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Protect Carpets and Floors Moving

When it comes to moving, the first concern that may haunt you is how to deal with the surfaces you’re walking across. While moving your packed goods, floors offer most of the support while bearing the load of sudden drop and push to the boxes from one floor to another. Be it direct or indirect floor protection; it should be there to keep the floors and carpets damage-free for long. Here are a few things to bear in mind to ensure no wear and tear to the floors-

1) Don’t drag items along the floor

Ask your staff for your office relocation in Gold Coast not to drag furniture along the floor. This is a thing that mostly causes harm to the floor surface. Eventually, you will get dents, scratches or broken tiles as a result. Instead, carry only the lighter pieces of furniture like chairs and don’t forget to use furniture sliders and dollies to move the heavy items safely out of your home.

2) Use furniture blankets

Use of thick sheets, especially the furniture blanket ones work best that cover the edges of the furniture pieces, kitchen appliances or other heavy items that you want to move. Sometimes, the extra padding at their legs works wonders by softening the force of heavy-weight object while being dragged throughout the floor.

3) Examine boxes for wear and tear

We already come with the facility of packing boxes that range in different sizes for small to large quantities. However, you should be extra cautious when using used moving box, since the original strength may have been declined from the previous usage.

4) Use furniture sliders

Don’t forget to use furniture sliders to protect the hardwood floors when moving heavy stuff from one floor to another or taking it out from the home. You will find high-quality sliders are made of hard rubber or strong plastic that minimise the friction between the floors and object.

If you have such hard rubber or plastic wheels for the furniture legs, they will gently slide your furniture while protecting your hardwood or tiled floors.

5) Make use of a removalist dolly

It could be your ultimate rescue for the wheel such devices have. Apart from hiring professional removalists, sourcing of right type of equipment make moving easy without damaging the floors. In some cases, you may need to dismantle the large items to safely move them. Keeping a tool kit within the reach of your hand can make things easy for you.

6) Use doormats

Doormats can pose as a significant break to rough moving. Just by placing it in front of the main door, you will not only prevent the dirt, dust, snow from coming in but also can protect your carpet indirectly from facing such harsh elements.

Apart from these few things, you can take some extra protection by covering the floors with runners and make sure that people involved in moving has the shoe covers and all the necessary equipment ready. Moreover, when it comes to moving bulky items, maneuver them safely besides making sure no one will trip over and impaling the floor in the process. And, this is where we use the furniture blanket and a lot of duct tape to make your belongings moving ready.

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