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Costly Furniture Removal

Costly Furniture Removal Blunders To Avert – At All Costs!

Believe it or not, mate; but furniture removal is sweaty work. Whether you try and lift an awkwardly-heavy furniture set or attempt to fit it through the front doorway, and into a moving van, there are lots of ways in which things can go wrong. That’s why it is imperative to know about those common…

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Moving antique items

Moving Antique Items? Follow These Steps to Prevent Accidental Damage

Everyone knows how stressful it is to move the house. And, there is a lot of things to consider while preparing furnishing items for move, which can cause you more stress if you do it alone. So, if do you own a lot of antique furnishing pieces, it is advisable to take extra care when…

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Office Relocation

Why is Summer Considered the Best Time for Office Relocations?

Summertime is finally here in Australia, and if you have planned long to move your office base to another location, it is undoubtedly the right time for that. And, there are some good reasons to back up the theory. But, it needs to be clarified right at the beginning that office removal is something that…

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Looking To Avoid Shonky Removalists? Key Precautionary Steps To Take

Look around, and you will find a plethora of removalists operating and assisting the locals to achieve a smooth move. Be it the Gold Coast region or any other sect in Brisbane; there will never be any shortages of shonky removalists trying to rob you from their (hidden-cost inclusive) services. Damage to any of your…

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Moving Boxes - Are You Missing Anything

Things You Need to Know About Different Moving Boxes Before Relocating

Have you decided to shift your house before the new year, 2019? That’s great as you will start living in a brand new place from the new year onwards. And, of course, the summer holidays in Australia are best to be put into use for house relocation. So, to get started, you need to talk…

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Steps to Take to Help Ensure a Stress-Free Furniture Removal

If you are ready to embark on your first big relocation, particularly with a house full of heavy and ancient furniture, then it is important to plan your move before-hand. One thing you need to be clear about is, even if your furniture may seem easy to move around, they look much heavier than it…

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The Ultimate To-Do List for Moving House at Christmas

Surviving house removal without a glitch and that too during the time of Christmas – that’s too much of work ahead of you. And, you need to plan accordingly for success. Before, we get started with the tips., here is a one-liner for you – don’t do it yourself. Not much of time is remaining…

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6 Tips for Safely Moving Your Fridge to a New Home

You may have planned everything for your next big move, except for one thing; the fridge. So, what’s the best way to safely move your fridge to your new home? Fridges – particularly modern ones, are enormously big and bulky, not to mention expensive, and you may have heard the numerous horror stories about people…

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Removalists Gold Coast

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Office Relocated by a Removalist?

If you think home removals are tough and strenuous; imagine you having to deal with one entire office relocation. You can almost feel that nervous energy forming inside you and the horrors of the MOVE DAY projecting in front of your eyes. The worst part of it is the amount of time wasted in shifting….

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Local Removals Gold Coast

Couch Moving Made Easy with These 3 Simple Steps

Couch is the thing we use for various purposes from enjoying childhood stories to old age relaxation and many more. Hence, it will be very much correct to call it a ‘must-have’ furniture for domestic spheres. But the trouble comes at the time of moving it to a new location. For various reasons, a couch…

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