If you are ready to embark on your first big relocation, particularly with a house full of heavy and ancient furniture, then it is important to plan your move before-hand.

One thing you need to be clear about is, even if your furniture may seem easy to move around, they look much heavier than it looks. So, you need to assess which pieces of furniture need special attention.

To make this strenuous task a bit easier, here are some tips to follow.

  • Identify The Necessary Furniture And Sell The Rest

When planning to relocate, the first thing to do is to identify the necessary furniture. Many make the mistake of packing things they could have avoided. So the smart thing would be to save time and energy in selling off the unwanted furniture sets.

Only take the ones which serve regular usage and then if you need one or two extra chairs or tables; you can always buy new ones later.

  • Plan For The Move 4-8 weeks in Advance

Last minute relocation plans are always dicey and should be avoided at all costs. Instead; you should plan 4-8 weeks before, segregating the heavier and larger furniture items from the fragile ones. Then accordingly make a list of the type of boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, markers and sticker labels.

To help you with your furniture packing and moving, experts of Richards GC Removals will help you sort out your packaging needs as well as the right truck for safe transfers.

Having so much experience, these experts know how large a van to use. They even use a relocation van calculator to meet your requirements properly. For further details, feel free to speak to our skilled professionals.

  • Ensure All Furniture is Cleaned

Regardless of whether you intend to move your furniture to your new house or some storage facility; you should ensure that they are cleaned so that all your tables, chairs and other furniture items look perfect your fresh start in your new house.

To protect your expensive furniture sets, our furniture removalists in Gold Coast take extra precautions in the form of plastic sheets and silicon sachets within the plastic covers. This ensures your furniture doesn’t suffer from mildew formation and humidity. 

  • Importantly- Identify Your Entry and Exit Points

You might have bought flat pack furniture and assembled inside your house without the thought of moving at a later date. But since you are faced with this situation, then the smart thing would be to sort out your entry and exit points.

Some furniture can be moved via a sophisticated moving approach, while some would require dismantling into pieces to make it transportable.

Hiring our professional furniture removalists will free you from that headache as well. They will use their field knowledge, and move your furniture in whichever way deems adequate for them, but without causing even a scratch to it.

Ending Statement:

These are those key tips to succeed at a stressful furniture removal operation. You will need professional assistance and so take your time in finding the right ones. Check their reputation, price, customer satisfaction record and professionalism. 

You can start at Richards GC Removals that provides you with cheap removalists in Gold Coast to look after your expensive furniture. They will bring in a wide range of packing materials and make the transfer smooth, safe and secure.

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