If you think home removals are tough and strenuous; imagine you having to deal with one entire office relocation. You can almost feel that nervous energy forming inside you and the horrors of the MOVE DAY projecting in front of your eyes.

The worst part of it is the amount of time wasted in shifting. And with the modern world considering Time as Money; you can imagine the losses your company will experience. But with your property lease about to expire and your employee strength also increased; you need to shift to a bigger office space.

What you need to do is ensure that you move your items in a way that it doesn’t cost you a great deal of time and expense. And the best way of achieving that is by hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast. They are thorough professionals who shift your items promptly and effectively so that no disruptive effect occurs on your business.

How Much Is It Ok To Spend For Your Office Move?

One thing that you need to clear out is- An Office move is more complicated than a house move and with so many variables and items to deal with; the costs differ too!

The factors that influence the cost of your office removal expenses include:

  • The Distance Of The Relocation
  • The Storage
  • The Number Of Special Equipment/Tools
  • And The Amount Of Items That Need To Be Shifted From Point A To Point B

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The Expense Breakdown:

Now that you have a clear picture of all those crucial elements that hamper your pricing; here’s a breakdown of the possible costs applied to a full-fledged office shift!

  • If you are planning on shifting a 1,500sq.ft office space, the cost of the relocation could be in between AU$750 (low) to AU$4,500 (high)
  • Contrarily, if you are looking to carry out packing and moving services from a 3,000 sq.ft of office space, your costing could start from AU$ 1,500 and stretch up to AU$ 9,000
  • And if you have a massive relocation requirement; something like packing and moving items from a 10,000 sq.ft; then the cost of the relocation would be something in between AU$5,000 to AU$12,000

 Other variables that could influence the price of your relocation and those include:

  • Service Charge of your relocation professional
  • Shutting packaging boxes and use of plastic sheets, bubble wraps, duct tapes, etc

Mind you, this is just an average estimate of the moving cost, and it will vary from company to company. What’s important is researching properly and also comparing service rates of different companies to know which one perfect as per industry standards.

With that; it will allow you to stick to your set budget and get the relocation done properly, properly and without overspending – Just the Way You Wished It to Happen!

Capping Off:

The fortunate thing on your part is that there are numerous local removals in Gold Coast who are ready to come to your aid at one phone call. Just sort out your removal company; check out the kind of relocation operations they perform, and speak to their pros about your office move requirements.

As a suggestion; you can speak to the experts at ‘Richards GC Removals’ to get a clear picture of some real-time price quotes.

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