When you have first started with your plan for house removal, the first thought might have bothered you the most was, ‘it’s gonna be stressful!’

It’s too much work indeed minus the stress if you leave the responsibility of moving, on the professionals. The experienced moving experts can handle both interstate and local removals with equal efficiency. So, they can actually take your stress away and let you move in peace.

But, the challenge of removal in recent times is not limited to ‘stress’ only. Environment, being one of such most significant issues, people are more into making the process eco-friendly as well.

Just like you can see in the cleaning industry, the removal process can be carried out in an eco-friendly manner too. And, fortunately, the leading Gold Coast removalists in the moving business are also focusing on fulfilling their clients’ demands too.

So, wondering how you can make your moving process eco-friendly? Here are some ways.

Plan Ahead for Sort Things Out for Recycling and Reusing

Planning ahead is something you always need to do for a smooth removal. Not everything in your house right now you will need. So, plan ahead and sort those things out those can be reused or recycled in some way or the other. Keep a separate packing box for that to bring control on your wastage.

Using Second Hand Moving Boxes

Second Hand Box

That’s a great way to move in an eco-friendly way. The used or second-hand moving boxes are easily available in the market. If any of your friends have recently experienced a removal, it will not be that difficult to use those. However, don’t put your belongings in risk and ensure the boxes you are about to use are in good condition.

Donate other than Throwing Away


There will be toys, gadgets, clothes or ceramics in your house, that you may not want to use any more. Don’t throw those away. If you cannot even recycle or reuse those, get in touch with a donation based foundation. You can also choose to sell off some of your precious belongings and save some money too.

Use Less Plastic and More Clothes

It is always advised to use bubble wraps, especially for the ones that can be easily broken. You can use some of course, but for others, you can skip the use of using it everywhere efficiently by replacing it with clothes.

According to the specialists of local removals in Gold Coast, dumping clothes to safeguard the belongings will prevent it from jerk impacts and provide similar protection as plastic bubble wraps.

Waste Disposal Must be Taken Care of

Plan your waste disposal wisely. Just don’t throw everything on the garbage bin. Batteries, plastic wraps, toxic metallic TV parts, metals are a few things you have to keep separately to make sure the waste disposal in your home during removal is not causing harm to the environment.


Get in touch with the specialist removalists of Richards Gold Coast Removals to make sure the carbon footprints are less as we believe that an eco-friendly removal is essential to fulfil your share of commitment to the environment.

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