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Moving Tips for House Relocation With a Person Having Disability

Moving is difficult for everyone, as it includes a lot of household chores, saying goodbye to family and friends and hiring a moving company, which takes a good amount of time and energy. What about those living with disabilities? Challenges for them will take a whole new level. Here are a few tips from the desk of experts which can make the moving process smoother and less stressful.

1) Plan ahead to get disability benefits

If you’re currently using any local disability service, look for the same if such facilities are available in your new hometown. The fast you process the information, early you can prepare the papers. The local housing authority or the city council should be able to give the services you have applied for.

2) Financial aid

People living with a disability needs extra assistance during move. So, besides hiring our best removal specialists in Gold Coast, make sure there are accessibility adaptions to your new home. We can offer personalised transition plan and make sure you get the tasks completed putting less intervention.

3) Take care of the accessibility needs in advance

If you’re moving to your new home, take a few spare time to do an assessment and check out a few things-

  • Width of the open doors
  • Hallway width
  • Countertop hight
  • Availability of Ramps
  • A shower with step-over barrier
  • Cabinets and shelves with easy reach
  • Step-free entrance to the home

If you’re renting a property, discuss your requirement with your landlord ahead of time, so that you can move into your new home with ease. Besides, make sure you can have the necessary modification to prepare the place for move-in day.

4) Check out the nearby healthcare centre

It’s a wise decision to make a list of emergency care facilities, primary physician care and other specialists who can respond you on emergency. Put the emergency contacts in the list as well.

5) Pack an overnight bag

Unpacking the huge boxes can take time, so it’s wise decision to have an overnight packing filled with the essentials only. It may include medicines, charging towels, comfortable clothing, walking assistance etc. Considering these all can surely make your journey as smooth as possible.

6) Prevent the mess from unpacking

our Gold Coast interstate removalists will help you to unpack with attention to detail. They ensure belongings are organised, straightforward and easy as well.

7) Ensure the safety standards

While ensuring accessibility as mentioned above, make sure you will be scoping out the potential hazards from the new home. Here are a few things you should look for-

  • Surfaces that are wet or slippery
  • Hanging doors and windows
  • Or other obstacles that can cause any safety hazards

Lastly, get to your neighbours and learn about your surroundings you will start living. Apart from some helpful neighbours around, you will find some valuable organisations near your home, which can help people with disabilities. You may find some centres for independent living as well, who can provide counselling besides necessary assistance.

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