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DIY Piano Moving

So you have decided to lift your Piano on your own to save a few bucks during relocation…

Well, it’s good to plan for a cost-effective move but that too, not at the cost of your Piano’s life. For music lovers, Piano is no doubt a treasured possession. A single mistake or mishandling during relocation will not only ruin the lustrous finish of your instrument but can count the life of your timeless possession. Moreover, it can crush you if tumbled over by any chance.

If you consider yourself to be a master in piano moving or boast of being physically fit, here is a list of dangers you might confront with.

You Might Break It

It’s not about moving a table, chair or other piece of furniture in which you can easily try your hands on. When it comes to piano moving, most homeowners seem to have nightmares as it involves skills, patience and strenuous effort. A single mistake or mishandling can’t stop your Piano from getting crushed into pieces.

Damage to the Outer Finish

The beauty and sophistication of a Piano lie in its lustrous shine and finish. Relocation is always a messy task and chances are high to confront damage or scratch to the external enclosure of your Piano while loading it.

Damage to the Internal Components

There are more than 200 strings on a standard piano and it rightly defines its intricacy. If you are not a pro and planning for a DIY piano moving, it’s likely to get the internal components of your Piano damaged.


Piano Mover

Whether you are moving locally or interstate, hiring professional removalists is always a wise choice for safe and hassle-free piano move. Serving for years, they have developed the right skill-set to handle your Piano at every stage of relocation and gives you peace of mind.

To know why you should hire professional piano movers, read further through the lines below.

Save Time and Money

When it comes to moving a piano, most homeowners seem to have nightmares due to the effort and skills involved in the process. DIY piano moving is not only risky for the health of your instrument but may cost you a fortune if done in an improper way. By hiring expert piano movers on the Gold Coast, you can be rest assured of a smooth and zero-damage piano delivery to your desired location.

Insurance Against Damage

Another benefit of hiring professional removalists for piano delivery is that you can avail insurance coverage for any loss or damage to your instrument. On the other hand, if you opt for DIY piano moving, you must get your pocket ready to bear the huge loss to your valuable possession.


Are you planning to move your Piano on your own? Well, majority of homeowners who undertake piano removals on their own, end up with severe damage to their instrument. So THINK WISE, BE WISE, ACT WISE! Why overburden your pocket with costly repairs or replacements when we are there by your side? To know more why we are the best piano removalists in Gold Coast, check our removalist reviews NOW!!

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