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Moving becomes quite a daunting task when it comes to moving heavy furniture. Especially when it is about drawers, bed frame and TV cabinets, you must ensure the removal to be safe and fuss-free. Since furniture can be bulky and tough to manoeuvre, it’s nothing less than a nightmare for their owners, when it comes to moving.

However, disassembling your furniture before a move can transform the hard to handle objects into easy to use bundles. Our team of movers at Richards Gold Coast Removals is expert at moving bulky furniture from your house while simplifying the move.

Advanced preparation

We have found the entire process becomes easy if we prepare in advance. We get everything fixed within a schedule and try to gather necessary things before the moving day arrived. Even, we recommend pre-booking our movers for the preferred date. It not only gives you enough time to do the packing but also prepares you mentally.

Make sure you pack your most essential stuff at your hand beforehand, which you use on a daily basis. Also, empty all the cabinets and drawers of your furniture and lock them, so they can be moved easily.

Safeguard all your furniture

We make sure that all your furniture is as safe as we pack them. Especially, the sharp edges and corners need to be covered with proper cushioning to avoid causing injury to anyone involved in Moving. Also, we safeguard all the breakable items like mirrors, glass shelves etc.

Take necessary measurements

Before moving any furniture, our furniture removalists in Gold Coast measure the doorways, hallways to make sure the furniture can pass through the available passage. Else, you either need to remove the door or you have to leave the furniture.


Employ the right lifting and moving techniques

Employing wrong techniques can result in injuries, and if you don’t know the proper lifting or moving techniques, it can result in injuries. So, it’s better to leave this task for our pros. Our furniture removals in Gold Coast are well trained when it comes to lifting and moving anything.

Lastly, we must say moving the furniture is not a one-man job. You have to consider the size and weight of the items. Moreover, you need a team effort, i.e. enough manpower to move everything safely. And, we can provide a team of trained experts to help you with their fitness level, strength, knowledge and industry experience. Call 1300 093 719 book our furniture removals today!

Why investing in a professional furniture removalist makes a difference

There is always a considerable amount of emotional and physical stress and strain associated with it. There is every likelihood of you being overwhelmed by that emotional stress, which tends to get the better of you.

Hence, you take any chance and do something that might not be the perfect move in such a situation? Better put your money on a professional furniture removalist company, which is enough equipped and experienced to take up the responsibility of making arrangements to move all the furniture and fittings seamlessly.

What better name can you find than Richards Gold Coast Removals in your pursuit for quality local removalists on the Gold Coast? Here are the reasons why our involvement in your move will make all the difference.

We have In-depth expertise

By the virtue of our age-old experience and in-depth expertise, we know that exotic, intriguing and classy furniture always embrace and rejuvenate the look and feel of the interior of a household like nothing else. Hence, when it comes to moving from one address to another, it becomes almost imperative to relocate every furniture to the new address intact and in an impeccable way, sans any damage whatsoever.

That’s where we at Richards Gold Coast Removals make the difference. With specialised knowledge of furniture handling, we follow special techniques of packing and loading, moving and unloading furniture of various types, shapes and sizes. This ensures that they remain 100 per cent safe and sound.

Yes, we ensure their safety and security

This is another factor that makes us so popular in the realm of moving. We ensure that the entire task is done in a safe and proper way and in the way it should be done. We ensure that our valued clients do not find themselves in the midst of a chaotic situation, with broken or damaged furniture.

We are an experienced, registered company with ABN No: 82566964267 and here is where we count the most in terms of trustworthiness.

Hence, rather than taking the risk of damaging your precious assets, or picking up all the hassles of moving, rely on us and we can promise a hassle-free move no matter how enormous the move might be!

The staff we have are location-friendly

Yes!! That is yet another USP that you can count on. Regardless of the area in Gold Coast, you intend to move we guarantee you that you are going to get the most promising and trustworthy moving services from us, once you call us up.

Our staff, like any professional home and office removalists of Gold Coast, have the capability to run all the local checks in virtually a breeze! They are well familiar with all the local routes and are well aware of all the legal formalities that are needed to be completed and the terms and conditions to stick to, during the move. They will also ensure that the items that you have put on move reach the destination without any damage.

Also, the use of high-end state of the art technology ensures that the entire process is conducted in a seamless fashion and a jiffy.

Hence, when it comes to moving your furniture, just give us a call at the number you find on our website and see what difference we can make!


Top 6 Furniture Removal Challenges to Overcome With Professional Removals

Whether you’re moving for the first time or a frequent mover, you may know how stressful it is to move to another location with heavy and fragile items. The labour and time involved in a moving process can make the moving frustrating. In this content, I’m going to show you the top 6 challenges to encounter while removing furniture.

1) Prepare the checklist

An organised removal is the primary requirement of relocation. There is a group of things that go simultaneously. As soon as you make a checklist, you can avoid placing a number of random items in a single box that can cause a huge problem when you unpack it later on. But, you can keep the drawers and other accessories of your kitchen cabinet in one box. Hence, when unpacking items, you can check whether all of the items have arrived safely at your new location.

2) Handling breakables with care

It is completely risky to pack breakables and oddly shaped items without safety measures. Well, when it comes to safeguarding your items and possessions, make sure you are using proper moving boxes along with proper wrapping with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

While working with us, you will get to see how our cheap removalists in Gold Coast secure the sharp corners or edges with proper cushioning. Such preventive measures help you omit the chances of injuries during the moving process.

3) Make the furniture packing-ready

Give all the furniture a thorough cleaning before the move. For instance, wipe down all the furnishing items, make the freezer frost-free. Also, disassemble the items if possible, detach the furnishing item parts like legs of the table, couch or drawers of your wardrobe and cabinets to make things easy to lift and fit through the doorway.

4) Moving oversized furniture

Almost every removal process involve moving of oversized furniture, which can create problems if they are not measured in advance. Hence, take time to measure the height, length and width of the furniture pieces. Also carry out the measure of the doorways, if furniture can pass through it or not. Take an advanced measurement of different angles, as it is not necessary that the furniture is big enough not to fit through the door. Try different sides, upside down or their ends to move the furniture through the doors.

High-quality packing supplies

Packing materials play a crucial role to ensure the safety of the furniture. Hence, you have to purchase high-quality materials including bubble tapes, wraps and moving boxes. Richard Gold Coast removals come up with moving boxes variety in sizes, packing tapes, packing paper, tissue paper, razor, bubble wrap and furniture covers to ensure a safe packing of items.

Finding storage

You may need to store your furniture for short and long-term as a part of the removal process. Whereas finding the right storage is quite difficult, Richards can offer you a proper storage facility with secure and alarmed facilities for long and short term storage. You will get direct access to your belongings with the correct amount of space and price.

Apart from these few, there are more such challenges to be overcome if you get the assistance of professionals. And, you will get a hassle-free and successful furniture removals.

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Laila Om
Laila Om
I was deeply impressed by Pat's thorough & kind communication style when I made some inquiries. I had never experienced such friendly & informative responses from any other removalist companies I contacted before. On the day, Pat's guys arrived right on time. Te & the team did an amazing job for me. They were all very courteous and brilliantly fast & smart. I have hired many removalists before and experienced them stretching out time, damaging my furniture, and stopping work & smoking cigarettes for ages when I wasn't on-site. Pat's guys Te & the team worked incredibly hard and got the job done very well in half the time other companies' guys would have. I can highly recommend Richards Removals. Richards would tremendously reduce the enormous stress & hassle of your relocating. Pat, Te & the team, thank you very much!!
Justice Corban
Justice Corban
Highly recommend Richard's Removals, I have now used them 3 times and very happy with the service! Very reliable, the guys are very hard working and helpful! I highly recommend them, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Andrew Rodda
Andrew Rodda
Rang twice and only got recorded messages. Never called back, so missed my business. Luck of the draw.
Luke Oglethorpe
Luke Oglethorpe
Highly recommend these guys! Not only did they fit in a move within a very short time frame, they were very professional, had a can-do attitude and were good communicators.
Chris A
Chris A
Pat, Ash and Jake put in absolute work today, very very hot day on the Gold Coast, the heat did not stop them at all. They Kept going all day, nothing was too much for these guys. I would highly recommend, they went above and beyond and I thank the team sincerely. Thanks, Chris & Julie
Michelle C
Michelle C
Ash and Edi were great, very professional, polite, fast and efficient
Susan Simpson
Susan Simpson
I would highly recommend using Richards, they moved me from my home into a storage unit. The two young men completed the move without an issue and in very efficient time. Ash and Jake were very personable and polite. I am using Richards again to move from the storage unit to the new house and have requested these two young gentlemen do the move. I was asked by a neighbour could I recommend someone for their move in January so I of course said Richards.
Jessica Papworth
Jessica Papworth
Pat is really responsive kept me up to date. Boys did an awesome job ash and Justin poor fellas has four storey walk up with very heavy wooden furniture and didn't bat an eye lid. Defienetly use these guys for you next more can't recommend enough.
James Bugden
James Bugden
Huge thank you to the team at Richards Gold Coast Removals for the incredible service we were provided today. The guys were wonderful!