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Dismantle Big Furniture While Moving House

The task of house removal is simply not accessible. Even after a lot of preparation and planning, people fail to carry out the furniture removal process smoothly. Especially when you have big furniture in your house for moving, the trouble becomes higher.

Being in the removal business for quite a long time now, we are aware of the owes of house removal when you have to move big furniture like piano or study table. We always recommend you to disassemble the big furniture before starting to load the truck so that you can distribute the weight correctly and minimise the large shapes of the furniture more effectively.

We, the specialist removalists on the Gold Coast, would like to suggest you some tricks and tips for dissembling the furniture by yourself to deal with time waste and unwanted loss of any of the furniture parts. Here are the ways you ought to learn about.

Identify the Furniture that Needs Disassembling

Not all the furniture needs to be disassembled. There is some furniture that is already there in your house which can be removed by keeping it assembled. For example, if you have a dinner table and chair, there is no need for disassembling any of it anymore.

According to what the experts of house removals in Gold Coast, the chairs can be easily stacked and you can put many boxes under the dinner table without disassembling the legs of the table. So, start with sorting out the furniture.

Order for Ziplock Bags

Ziplock Bags

As soon as you start disassembling your furniture, many screws and bolts along with other furniture pieces will begin to come out. Use the small clear bags to fill in with the different parts of furniture you have already disassembled.

This way, you will be able to prevent the furniture pieces from getting mixed up during house relocation. You can use a marker pen to mark each of the plastic bags and prevent those from getting lost.

Assessing Whether Large Furniture Can be Packed or Not

The next think on the row is to carry out a quick assessment or a measurement of the moving truck and compare it against the size of the furniture to determine whether it will be suitable to fit inside the truck or not. You can talk to us for knowing more about the truck’s storage space so that it becomes easier for you to fill the truck in.

Arrange for the Disassembling Tools

Disassembling Tools

When you are getting ready for the disassembling, you need to plan it beforehand. Arrange for all the disassembling tools at first so that you don’t need to get up repeatedly and get the tools, A bonus tip for you from our end – keep a screwdriver with a changeable head, and it will take much lesser time to finish up the job.

Don’t Rush without Knowing the Disassembling Technique

You should not rush with the disassembling without having the full knowledge of how to get it done. The furniture dismantling technique is indeed different for different furniture. If you are not confident about the technique yet or have lost the instruction manual used for disassembling, you should not delay any further to get the job done with the help of professionals.

If you wish your furniture to be dismantled easily and quickly, you would need us. Richards Gold Coast Removals is the name you should rely on for the same. Contact your local removalist today for an obligation free quote.

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