An office move goes way beyond shifting your goods from one location to another. Ask anyone who has done it recently-they will tell you that the whole task of relocating can be more overwhelming and stressful than one can realise- especially if they are doing it for the first time.

An although hiring professional removalists can help lighten your relocation load and make your office transition hassle-free, there’s still a lot of things that you as an office owner will need to do on your own.

Richards Gold Coast Removals”- your reliable experts for smooth office removals in Gold Coast shares with you some smart packing hacks to keep track of all the office stuff.

Hack #1:- Posting Notes Or Colour-Coding Your Cartons:

It may seem not too much, but colour coding or posting notes on your cartons go a long way in keeping the relocation organised. So, get a hold of some stickers, markers, and even sticky notes to systematically label your boxes.

Like Red mark for all office IT stuff and Blue for general office item and appliances. To make it more clear; you can add a note to the coloured sticker as a reference to what lies inside. And this will make it easier for you to relocate it accordingly with the necessary safety measures.

Hack #2:- Wrapping All Parts Properly:

Make use of small plastic bags and bubble wraps for your office furniture. One smart way would be to dismantle the furniture and seal it up with a thick plastic wrap. And then you can secure them more using duct tape.

Furthermore; you can make use of small-sized move boxes to store away those bolts and screws. You can use a ziplock or baggie and keep it in the box containing its matching furniture.

Properly seal the top with tape and then label them for your reference.

Hack #3: Look To Organise HDMI Cords in Empty Toilet Rolls:

You can look to fold your cords (be it HDMI or USB cords) in empty toilet rolls and then colour code it matching the shade of the packing boxes.

Example- if the conference room box is Blue, then add a blue tape to it. This is something we advise our clients to do during office relocations in the Gold Coast as it makes it easier for us to know that this box is for the conference room. 

Hack #4: Safeguarding Items That Break With Extra Clothing & Linens:

You don’t wish for any of your items to break in the relocation process. But, accidents always happen unannounced, and so it is always better to be prepared.

For fragile items like mugs, bathroom mirrors, plates, drinking glass and even computer screens, laptops, bulbs, etc.; add extra clothing and linens to those boxes. Use extra bubble wraps for your LCDs or presentation screens.

Make sure everything is nice and tight. It will prevent them from moving around and keep them safe from shocks and impacts.

Hack #5: Lastly- Pack Pens & Pencils Using Rubberbands: 

Use rubber bands for keeping all the pens and pencils inside your supply room desk. This will keep them together preventing any chance of them flying out during the move. Keep all of them in one place.

“If It Still Seems Difficult To Manage On Your Own… Dial 1300093719.” 

Having all the tools and packing materials at our disposal and backed with 10-years of field experience in office removals; we will be happy to do the task for you.

Call us for our budget removalists serving the Gold Coast, and we assure you 100% move satisfaction.

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