Shifting your office furniture involves its own suite of blessings and curses. It may be that you’re consolidating for your productivity and scalability’s sake, but there’s no denying the bits and pieces of your office that needs a sound strategic approach.

The most troublesome part of office relocation is ensuring that each and every piece of furniture existing is moved safety. And if you are planning to execute it soon, “Richards Gold Coast Removals” offers you some tips to ensure everything seamlessly and according to plan. 

Prepping Your Office Furniture For The MOVE

Clean Out All Drawers Of Each Desk:-

Office Drawers Cleaning

The first thing to do is clean out all drawers from each desk and filing cabinet you have. Also look to store them up separately as keeping them inside the drawers only makes the furniture difficult to lift and move. Plus, it also increases the possibility of an injury.

Ideally; you need 1.5 boxes for each drawer to store them away properly. And luckily for you; we provide you with all the right-sized boxes to store them, seal them and then transport them to your new office space.

Detaching Every Furniture Piece Properly:- 

Another thing you should look to do is detach every furniture piece properly and ensure that you don’t lose any screws, bolts or other crucial pieces of your office furniture. This involves unbolting all furniture, joined desks, cubicle dividers and even shelving.

The best way to deal with those loose screws and bolts is to put them inside a plastic baggie and put a painter’s tape/duct tape to secure them with its respective furniture. Doing this properly will the labour and headaches and ensure all your office furniture are put back together post-relocation and set at its meant spot.

Labelling Everything Correctly:- 

Labelling Moving box

It is very important to be very specific with your labelling. Take for instance:- Label the file cabinet as No:1 (and the other content accordingly). This will make it easier to know which box/file/folder will go where.

Apply the same logic for all the other large-sized furniture sets. This not only serves as your reference but also helps our removalists in Tweed Heads to know where they need to be put down.

Formulating A Proper Floor Plan:-

Visit your new office space and formulate a plan. Look to ask yourself:-

  • What furniture will go where?
  • Where exactly will the cabinets be placed?
  • And how do you arrange your desks correctly to ensure proper accessibility?

Sorting all this out will only allow you to put each of the furniture after bringing it from your old office. Not only will save a lot of your time but will also ensure seamless office furniture removals in the first-attempt only!

These are some surefire tips to prepare your office furniture for your move day. If you are planning a move soon, call us @1300093719 for our top-quality and safe furniture removals in the Tweed Heads region.

As your professional, low costing and friendly removalists; we will treat transport it safely as it were our own!

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