There’s no other way to put it, executing a move does cost a lot of money. Perhaps that’s why the first instinct of homeowners is to reach out to their mates (even their siblings) for assistance.

It could be your first move too, had you been in a similar situation. And although initially, it may seem a great money-saving idea, but IS IT YOUR BEST OPTION?

Truth be told, there’s a catch. Even if you do manage to save up some money, it doesn’t guarantee you smooth and prompt relocation. Not to forget, the litany of potential problems (and injuries) that you may yet face.


To clarify things for you, here a comparison between using your mates against professional furniture movers.

Choosing Your Mate For Your Furniture Move:

(Pros First)

  • Removing your pricey and antique furniture with friends will help slash your expenses substantially – provided one of them can arrange for a proper ute, truck or trailer. There’s nothing left for you to do other than source some moving boxes with packing items to keep your items in one piece during the move.
  • Planning to move your expensive furniture with your mates also gives you the freedom to either move everything in one day or do it part-by-part say in a week. It gives you the freedom to pack as you go and the flexibility to complete the relocation at a comfortable pace. And if you can schedule the move day around your mates’schedule, they will show more active participation.
  • Importantly; you will have the people who matter the most in your life. And since relocation is one-emotion charged gonk event where your emotions are all over the place; you will need your mates to support and strengthen you. By working together for a common objective, it also allows you to bond strongly and ensure all the furniture (with other deportable items) are moved unscathed.

(Now The Cons)

Lack of Packing Experience:

Sure your mates will be willing to help you out. But that doesn’t take away the fact that they are not professional movers who know the ins and outs of proper packing.

  • Old or weighty furniture sets will require custom-designed move boxes. And they will have to be packed properly using duct tapes, plastic sheets/bubble wraps and even some containers to protect it from dust, vermin and the elements.
  • Plus a few furniture sets will need to be detached and then stored separately using specific packing techniques. All this requires prior field experience and knowledge to execute it smoothly and safely.
  • Adopting the right approach to lift furniture-laden heavy move boxes is also something that needs consideration. Without adhering to the proper lifting and moving protocol, your friend(s) can get serious injure their back, shoulder and even their neck region.

So, even though your friends mean well, they sadly don’t have the specialisation as say a pro removalist in the region. And asking them to help you with a large scale house move (involving a litany of heavy furniture and other items) could be risky for them.

Absence of Damage Coverage Insurance:

Do you have household insurance policy? If yes, then that’s great. But unfortunately, it doesn’t help you if you damage your furniture set during transit.

The harsh truth is – if something gets damaged or broken, then you (and only you) will have to bear the cost of its repairs.

  • When deporting a heavy furniture set; it is important to ensure that the doors and the drawers are closed. And even though many do that, many times owners don’t use tapes, ropes or even a durable ribbon to keep it shut. Not doing so makes them these doors or drawers open unexpectedly during transit and possibly get scratched or cracked.
  • The shelves need to be taken out of the cupboard, and the entire furniture set should be vacant without so much as even a hairbrush in it. And they need to be sealed in right sized and shaped move boxes for safe transfer.
  • Making and labelling is also an important part of a planned relocation – but again, something that is very easy to miss out in that helter-skelter situation.
  • And if you thought all that was enough; you also need to arrange for a trolley or carrier to take your stuff from point A to B safely.

Each of these factors (and items) play a crucial role in a seamless furniture move. And failure to meet any of these steps may lead to an improper execution or severe damage to your furniture – without any insurance damage compensation coverage.

Going For Professional Removalists Instead!

In sharp contrast to choosing your friends for the big move ahead, the safer and rational choice would be to opt for services of experts offering top-shelf Gold Coast furniture removals at budget-friendly rates.

And if that is the case we; “Richards Gold Coast Removals” can help! We care about your move and take immense pride in providing you with exceptional quality customer service.

  • Our experienced removalists are attentive, caring, cordial.
  • They offer timely responses regardless of the scale of the move and its timeline.
  • Our superior removalist process and systems always guarantee a risk-stress free move.
  • We use our custom-designed moving boxes, packing requisites and container guards to ensure all your household furniture, appliances and treasures stay protected against breakage.
  • We also have a wide range of storage options with safe, secure and alarmed facilities.
  • Furthermore; we also provide safe and easily trackable trucks to take your stuff from A to B along with you, thus saving you from using your own vehicle.

If you wish for your house moving experience to be highly organised, hassle-free and efficient, then call us at @ 1300 093 719.

We have a decade of industry experience, and we will provide you quality yet cheap furniture removals in Gold Coast without burning a hole in your pocket.

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