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Costly Furniture Removal

Believe it or not, mate; but furniture removal is sweaty work. Whether you try and lift an awkwardly-heavy furniture set or attempt to fit it through the front doorway, and into a moving van, there are lots of ways in which things can go wrong.

That’s why it is imperative to know about those common furniture removal blunders to avoid you a big expense.

MISTAKE 1: “Being Incautious While Dismantling Your Furniture Set” 

Most homeowners consist of flat-pack furniture at their residence. But the trouble they face when relocating is not being able to get it through the door without having to dismantle it totally.

Plus; you also need to ensure that all the pieces are packed together in proper condition. This means making sure all the screws, bits and bolts are put together with proper labeling. Otherwise, it could be very problematic to know which box has what!

Whenever aiming for local furniture removals on the Gold Coast, the mistake that most homeowners make is being careless in dismantling their furniture set. The worst case scenario is losing one or two screws or bolts in the process and not being able to put their furniture set back together. 

MISTAKE 2: “Not Taking The Proper Measurements

Another costly mistake that most homeowners make is not taking the right measurements of their furniture set. Without taking the right furniture measurements; you won’t be able to go anywhere. And even if you do manage to get it out of your existing home, there is no guarantee that it will fit into your new abode.

The right thing would be to take the appropriate measurement of the furniture, as well as the room you’ll be moving it in. Also, take a reading on the door dimensions, as in case of a large-heavy furniture, the doorway could be your only access outside.

MISTAKE 3: “Not Ensuring Proper Protection To Your Furniture” 

Packaging is an essential part of moving items from A-B without damage. If your furniture set it detachable, then you should cover them using bubble wrap and place them inside boxes.

For extra protection; you can also use wraps and padding, towels, old shirts, bedsheets, styrofoam peanuts, etc. After the furniture pieces have been stuffed into specific boxes, you need to pack them using proper duct tapes. And to figure out which box contains what; you should also label the boxes with the item name it is containing.

MISTAKE 4: “Not Taking Help From Professional Movers”

As already stated, furniture removal is not an easy task. It involves plenty of time, effort and knowledge about proper packing. An easy way to deport your expensive furniture set is to hire professional movers to do it for you.

This is again a big mistake that most homeowners make when transferring their furniture set.

For safe and immaculate transfer; you can hire our moving experts at “Richards Gold Coast Removals to help you.

Each of our furniture removalists in Gold Coast has heaps of field experience. And they specialise in performing all kinds of moving operations such as:

  • Local removals
  • Hi-rise removals
  • Country removals
  • Pre-packing and unpacking
  • Factory and home removals

And more.

Failure to avert these common furniture mistakes will spell doom for you and your hard-earned money. Hire our specialists today and ensure your time and money is put to the right use.

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