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Piano Removals

Pianos are large and very heavy, and moving them properly and safely from point A to point B can be daunting, to say the least. If you plan to execute it on your own, then you will need all the appropriate tools, equipment and a spacious moving van.

But, despite having the necessary relocation pre-requisites, it doesn’t make the task any easier. At the back of your mind, there will always be a lingering sense of fear that what if it does get damaged or broken while moving it out. Not to forget, improper handling can also alter its authentic sound.

We, at Richards Gold Coast Removals’, believe you don’t need to do it on your own. All you are needed is to give us a call, and we will have our experienced specialists go over and move your precious piano properly, protectively, yet promptly.  

Planning Your Piano Move:- 

Pianos are immensely complex items consisting of twelve thousand individual parts. But despite being top-weighty, they also have delicate legs. Our experts will understand the weight of the piano and look to maintain the instrument’s balance when moving it.

2 of our house items and furniture removals will be lifting, and 2-3 will control the instrument and guide it along corners and into the truck. In terms of owning professional and industry-appropriate gear; our experts will use heavy-duty furniture wraps for easy lifting and carrying.

To protect the surface from scratching or the legs from denting; our movers will also use furniture dollies and specialised boards to move it across the flat surface. Since the legs are delicate; our specialists will detach the legs apart to move them properly. And for the rest of your piano, they will utilise heavy blankets and moving tape/duct tape to secure it.

The lid will be closed or rather locked and stuffed with a blanket for additional protection against shocks or impacts. If the lock somehow doesn’t stay locked; our experts will use a secure moving tape to keep it together correctly.

When Actually Moving It:-

Our budgeted removal service providers in Gold Coast will hold the piano from both the sides and look to move it slowly and one-wheel-at-a-time. And when rolling the piano up the ramp, they will remember to lift the base key side (left side) first, mainly because it is a tad heavier than the other.

Inside the truck, they will position the piano deep into their truck and place lots of empty boxes in support of it. If the road ahead is a bumpy one, then our specialists will also keep some miscellaneous items around your piano to keep in snug.   

Let Our Movers Know:- 

We understand your Piano (like any musical instrument) is very valuable and sentimental to you. Keeping true to that; we offer you free estimates, deport to depot charges and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Being a notable local gold coast removals company; we also provide you with a wide range of boxes and packing materials to keep your precious item protected from harm’s reach.

So, if you are planning to move any time soon, call us @ 1300093719 any time between 7am-7pm.


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