Are you relocating to a different place? Well, entire house shifting is both a tricky and exciting process. It becomes exigent when it comes to moving into a dream house with all your furniture intact. At times, all your plans do not work. Be it the time or the weather, some or the other factor might become a hindrance to your seamless move. In the midst of all these, you are left with all your furniture with neither a proper shelter nor an appropriate destination to move.

This is the crucial time when the need for storage arises. The storage facilities provided by the removalists come as a saviour. When it comes to storing the essential household commodities, furniture takes the top spot. Not only does the furniture enhance the look of your house but also is one of the expensive belongings that you are shifting.

By opting for the storage facility, you can keep the expensive furniture at bay which are not frequently used, especially the old or the antique ones. It will let you buy the time you need for preparing the new house and making the access points clear to shift that furniture.

No matter in which situation you are, a proper furniture storage space provided by the reputed furniture removalists in Gold Coast like us, Richards Gold Coast Removals, can be a lifesaver. Most people who are going to relocate are in worry about the proper take care of the furniture. But the removalists make sure that your furniture is protected. Here is the list of the different ways by which you can protect your furniture-


  1. Do the Needful Repairs in Advance

Experts say that making sure that the furniture going for storage is in the right shape. This might include tightening of the screws, or the hinges, or replacing a cracked part to keeps the structure robust supporting the other parts if placed. No one would love to see the broken pieces of their furniture after unpacking.


  1. Clean your Furniture

Well, make sure that your furniture is neat and tidy before the packing starts. Giving the furniture a well-brought-up cleaning is a must. The most important thing is ensuring that the furniture is dry. Packing the furniture with moisture damages the surface and leads to discoloration and formation of molds.


  1. Covering the Furniture Securely

Scratches, bruises, and dent are more common during transportation. The affordable or cheap removalists in Gold Coast make sure that the packaging is proper with plastic wraps, sheets, buff tapes and bubble wraps. The better will be the packaging the more secured will be the furniture.


  1. Securing the Fragile Items

Fragile items always need extra attention. One should consider storing of the fragile items securely with the help of the padded boxes and the bubble wraps. The professionals make use of the household items like the towels and sheets for wrapping too.


  1. Stacking the Furniture with Care

Judicious using of the available space in the storage area helps to safeguard the furniture. Fragile items need to be stacked under strong support like tables, while the bed frames to be kept against the wall. The storage area is not for dumping; hence instead of dumping ensure sufficient gaps are present in between the items.



The storage facilities provided by Richards Gold Coast Removals offer a safe and secured, long and short-term storage solution. The person opting for the service gets a peace of mind by being assured that the belongings will remain the same as it was.

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