Whether you’re moving for the first time or a frequent mover, you may know how stressful it is to move to another location with heavy and fragile items. The labour and time involved in a moving process can make the moving frustrating. In this content, I’m going to show you the top 6 challenges to encounter while removing furniture.


Preparing the Checklist:

An organised removal is the primary requirement of relocation. There is a group of things that go simultaneously. As soon as you make a checklist, you can avoid placing a number of random items in a single box that can cause a huge problem when you unpack it later on. But, you can keep the drawers and other accessories of your kitchen cabinet in one box. Hence, when unpacking items, you can check whether all of the items have arrived safely at your new location.

Handling Breakables with Care:

Removal with CareIt is completely risky to pack breakables and oddly shaped items without safety measures. Well, when it comes to safeguarding your items and possessions, make sure you are using proper moving boxes along with proper wrapping with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

While working with us, you will get to see how our cheap removalists in Gold Coast secure the sharp corners or edges with proper cushioning. Such preventive measures help you omit the chances of injuries during the moving process.

Make the Furniture Packing-ready:

Give all the furniture a thorough cleaning before the move. For instance, wipe down all the furnishing items, make the freezer frost-free. Also, disassemble the items if possible, detach the furnishing item parts like legs of the table, couch or drawers of your wardrobe and cabinets to make things easy to lift and fit through the doorway.

Moving Oversized Furniture:

Almost every removal process involve moving of oversized furniture, which can create problems if they are not measured in advance. Hence, take time to measure the height, length and width of the furniture pieces. Also carry out the measure of the doorways, if furniture can pass through it or not. Take an advanced measurement of different angles, as it is not necessary that the furniture is big enough not to fit through the door. Try different sides, upside down or their ends to move the furniture through the doors.

High-quality Packing Supplies:

Moving Box

Packing materials play a crucial role to ensure the safety of the furniture. Hence, you have to purchase high-quality materials including bubble tapes, wraps and moving boxes. Richard Gold Coast removals come up with moving boxes variety in sizes, packing tapes, packing paper, tissue paper, razor, bubble wrap and furniture covers to ensure a safe packing of items.

Finding Storage:

You may need to store your furniture for short and long-term as a part of the removal process. Whereas finding the right storage is quite difficult, Richards can offer you a proper storage facility with secure and alarmed facilities for long and short term storage. You will get direct access to your belongings with the correct amount of space and price.

Apart from these few, there are more such challenges to be overcome if you get the assistance of professionals. And, you will get a hassle-free and successful furniture removals.

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