If it’s time for you to move to Sydney from Gold Coast for pursuing a Postgrad in the University of Sydney, you have a task cut out.

You have to move, and be careful, when it comes to moving to another state, things are not that easy. You need to summon a moving company that offers interstate removal. However, before you summon the company, you have your role to play, and that starts way before the date of the move. Here is a complete checklist of things that you need to do prior to your move.

2 Months Before the Move

Time flies by. Hence, if you relax thinking that you have all the time in the world to make arrangements, you will be making a blunder. With two months left, you need to make a comprehensive packing list. This will help you stock up your essentials and make the task of the company that you have hired for interstate removal services trifle easier. It will also reduce the chance of inadvertently leaving back the essentials by a significant extent.

Start packing the small boxes, which will contain your crucial documents like your assessment results and school transcripts, certificates, identity cards and various other classified documents that will be in YOUR custody throughout the move. Keep them arranged separately.

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Take proper backups of the files, folders and documents from your computer. That’s because the PC will be dismantled and packed up for the move. Do so even if you have a laptop. Segregate things that you have decided to sell off or donate.

One Month Before the move

Once all these are done, it is time for you to contact an ideal interstate removal company after a thorough research. Once you have eyed on one, it’s time to discuss the details with them. Once the day for the removal has been finalised, the discussion should include the terms and conditions of the service.

Discuss with them the tool the company will use and the methods they will follow during the move. Ask whether the company will be making arrangements for tapes and boxes, packing papers, and other accessories.  All these need to be discussed as well.

Ask how will they play the role of furniture removalists in the Gold Coast. You are after all, not going to hire a separate company just to handle your furniture. In all these aspects we at Richards Gold Coast Removals again come in handy. With a comprehensive removal service and considerable experience under our belt, we cover all the aspect of interstate removal in a professional and a highly effective way.

Removalists Gold Coast

While you continue finalising the deal with the moving company, you need to procure all your medical documents and records. Make the necessary travel arrangements. Since it is an interstate move, you need to plan your route and the stops if you have chosen to travel by road. Talk to the company to finalise the routes. If you have chosen us, we will let you know well in advance the route we will be taking for the move.

Two weeks prior to the move

Get in touch with the authorities and change your mailing address and complete all the other formalities. Keep in touch with the moving company and finalise their role in the move. Confirm the date once again, and discuss all the possibilities. Here again, we at Richards Gold Coast Removals make the difference. We will keep in touch with you from our end so that we know about your every move at any given point in time. We will finalise every minute detail only after discussing them with you.

If you have banked upon us, let US handle things on the day of move! Now that the planning is done with, everything is in finalised, and you have played your part, let us play ours on THE day! You manage things that you need to, on the day! Leave the more intricate moving roles for us to play! You will feel the difference!

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