Planning To Shift From A Small House To A High-Rise Building, But Have No Clue How To Pull It Off Successfully?

Then, you definitely need some professional assistance.

Shifting between homes is any day a daunting task. It is time-consuming. And it requires a great deal of physical effort. Not to forget the potential accidents or injuries which might come by your way- makes it scarier!

The whole process involves taking each of your homely possessions up multiple storeys and into your living space (without damaging it). Safe to say, it’s something beyond your ability, as the slightest misstep on your part might ruin your prized possession.

To relocate safely and properly, you need to plan your move before-hand and also take help from professional removalists in Gold Coast to succeed. To help you get started –


Here Are 7 Tips for Smooth Hi-Rise Relocation!

Sort out Your Stuff and Place Before-hand

  1. Remove Things or Items That You Don’t Find Useful. This will ensure that when you stack up your house items, you have a little less stuff to worry about.
  1. Sort Out Your Place As per The Right Measurement. Imagine shifting your luxury couch to your new 7th storeyed building, only to find that it doesn’t go through the main door. That’s downright frustrating, isn’t it?

So before you plan to move, you should get accurate measurements of the floor plans, including the elevators or stair passageway.

  1. Locate an Ideal Parking Spot for Unloading Your stuff. You should always find a park near the stairway or elevator for prompt shifting. More distance means more troublesome shifting.

So, as a word of advice, always consult with your building owner to know if you will be able to use the loading zone or if there is a visitor’s parking zone to use.


 DOOR-TO-DOOR without paying MORE

  1. Hire Licensed Removalists To Simplify Your Relocation. The most important tip for you is to hire licensed hi-rise furniture removalists in Gold Coast to help you out.

These experts have all the tools, equipment and knowledge to carry out safe and exceptional relocation operations. Having helped hundreds of people shift to a high-rise building, they will know all the proper tricks and techniques to shift your goods efficiently.

  1. Check for Door-To-Door-Services and No Hidden Costs. Not every removalist company will ensure top-grade shifting. You need to find a trust-worthy agency having years of experience in this field of operation.

You need to check their market reputation, whether their previous clients are pleased with their relocation services or not! Also, check if they provide door-to-door facilities and if their service rates have any hidden costs to go with it.

Insurance to Cover Accidents

  1. Guarantee High-Quality Packaging For Your Goods. Another part of proper relocation is ensuring your goods are packed using top-quality boxes and packing accessories.

This keeps your stuff safe from roadside jerking. Quality packing materials and boxes absorb the impact from the journey and safeguard it from cracks and possible damages.

  1. Check for Damage Coverage Programs. Lastly, to ensure that your hi-rise relocation is carried out smoothly, you have to check if your relocation company provides insurance for damages or not.

When transferring your items from spot-A to spot-B, there is always the chance that a sudden jolt could spoil your glass showpiece or expensive furniture set.

But to cover up for those issues, a top-company always presents damage coverage insurances. With such programs the company compensates damage and ensures you remain stress-free throughout the operation. That’s a real benefit for you and gives you all the reasons to use this facility for your relocation.

These are your sure-fire ways to vouch-safe your house items are adequately and safely transported to your hi-rise building.

So plan properly and confirm your booking with Richards GC Removals, your trust-worthy removalist a day before the action. It will make things a whole lot easier!

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