Having a well-thought-out plan of action is important for executing an office move seamlessly!”

Organising an office move is very different from a house move. It requires tactful planning and careful execution on your part. Or else you end up wasting a lot of your valuable business time and get lost in the sea of paperwork or cardboard boxes. To make your move stress-free and seamless, here’s a comprehensive office move checklist for you to follow.


Decide On The Move Day & Time-frame

The first aspect of planning a smooth office relocation is making a move plan and a time-frame to execute it.

Depending on the quantity of furniture, items/equipment, and the size of your office space; you will require more than 24-hours to complete the move safely and adequately.

Formulate a Move Plan, And Include Details Such As:-

  • The relocation date.
  • The location of the new office.
  • Number of items in each office section to pack.
  • Adopting a clear labelling system so that everyone knows what each box holds.
  • Setting an organised office plan with the required number of assigned desks, chairs, etc.

To make things seamless, assign every employee a desk number which they should check at their new office floor. This will help the workers identify their boxes, and will also make it easier for our movers to know where exactly to leave those boxes.

Also, have the floor plan ready for the staff to get back to their normal work regime without any delay.

Communicate To All Your Customers & Suppliers Of Your Move

Be sure to inform all your suppliers and customers well in advance of your office move date. This includes informing them of your new office address and by when will your business resume.

Furthermore, if you have a skeleton staff during the relocation phase, or if you anticipate some minor disruptions, duly inform all your suppliers and clients. Share the complete details of your office relocation as you come closer to your big move day. In this way you can avoid communication gaps and work compromises. 

Contact Your Leasing Company About Your Relocation 

If there are leased items in your office- Example photocopiers or printers; contact that leasing agency to inform them of your move. The reason being, most removalist companies, will not touch items on lease for insurance reasons. So, inform the leasing company and request for them to organise the move for those specific items. 

Get In Touch With The New Building Manager To Save Time 

To ensure our removalists have ample parking access to the building entrance, speak to our building manager. This will allow you to save lots of time. And if there isn’t any on-site parking; you will also need to set up permits for safe on-street parking.

Speak to your property manager to provide our removalists proper access to the lift on the move day. When moving your office, the last thing you want is to make your removalists handing your expensive office items wait for the lift to come around.

Speak To Our Specialists @1300093719 

Once you have dealt with all these aspects, you can call us; “Richards Gold Coast Removals– your premier Gold Coast office removalists to offer you end-to-end solutions.

  • We offer you door-to-door move without any depot charges.
  • We even offer you quality packing services including all common materials like bubble wraps, packing paper, carton boxes, packing tape and all other essential materials needed to ensure each of your items are packed to perfection.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the moving industry.

Get in touch using the number above. Being one of the notable office removal companies in the Gold Coast region; we will have our best men to take care of everything from scratch.


Place A Coordinator To Guide Removalists

Have a coordinator at the new building premise on your move day. Their role will be to guide our removalists as they arrive, and make sure that they have full access to all parts of the building.

And Lastly, Make Life Easy For Your Employees At Your New Work Location

Once everything is set at your new workplace; as the boss- you should create personalised desk labels with their name, designation and photo. This will serve as a special warm greeting to everyone.

With that; you should also look to put up direction signage to help them move around the premise and inform them where the toilets, kitchen area, cafes, petrol stations and local amenities!

Now, that it’s clear how you can pull off a seamless office relocation with hassle; request a quote today!

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