Finally, the moving day has arrived! They can be stressful, exhausting, and at times can even spring a surprise or two!

One surprise that you don’t want to experience is when you are moving a delicate piece of furniture and damaging it in the process. When dealing with sturdy furniture items like a piano or a dinner table set, packing them up and loading them directly onto a rented truck doesn’t involve too much concern.

The problem lies when you have to deal with antique or expensive wooden items having numerous attachable pieces. They are the ones you need to devote extra care and attention to- be it when packing them or when loading them upon a truck unscathed!

“Richards Gold Coast Removals”; your premier local removalist serving the Gold Coast area understands your concerns with safely when moving those fragile furniture items. And for your knowledge also educates you with some clever tips to handle your fragile furniture sets with proper care!

Take A Slow & Steady Approach

Whenever dealing with fragile furniture, it is important to start packing your items in advance. This gives you enough time to pack fragile glass, ceramic and porcelain furniture slowly and steadily. When you are in a rush; it is only natural to forget a few safety steps and carrying out the packing in haste! And when you do that; you end up breaking your fragile furniture sets.

What our notable removalist team would recommend is to take your time in packing your fragile furniture methodically!

Always Pick Your Packing Materials Carefully

Another aspect to consider is picking the right packing materials. Besides careless packing, improper packing materials is another chief cause for your fragile furniture sets getting damaged. There is always a danger when you don’t know what the road conditions will be. And if it turns out to be a rugged one, then there will lots of bumps and vibrations along the way.

To ensure your fragile items are properly packed; you must wrap them using thick blankets, towels and cloths. If you have a stack of newspapers or bubble wraps, look to use both of them adequately!

For your fragile items; our experts use wine cartoons- tea-chest cartoons, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and portarobe with rails. So you can take cues, or if you want an easier way- you can hire our experts of cheap furniture removals in Gold Coast to do it on your behalf.

Once Packed Mark Label Those Boxes (like fragile) Or Colour Them in Red 

If you have a large house with lots of items- then it could be fair to label the ones that contain your fragile furniture sets. On the move day; it is easy to forget which box encompasses which item (or specifically fragile items).

One way to avoid all the confusion is to mark the boxes with a red marker or label it as “Fragile/Handle With Care.” This will make you aware which boxes to handle with extra care so that you can provide optimal protection against damage.

More Tips To Move Fragile Items 

  • Never overpack or under-pack the boxes.
  • Look to fill in the gaps between the items with extra padding to ensure they don’t move around too much while being transported!
  • Always look to mix the box sizes rather than bringing in uniform sized ones. Fill the large-sized ones with lighter items, and put the shallower ones in the smaller ones.
  • Pack the ones which are lighter items over the heavier ones. And if the ones on top are very fragile, then add a pillow top to lend it extra protection.
  • Once all the fragile items are contained, sealed them up from top-bottom and everywhere.
  • For other fragile items like cups, glasses, wrap them up individually. If the need be so, add extra layers of protection using bubble wraps, stretch wraps and even plastic wraps. They lend an enhanced level of protection to each of your fragile items.

So, there you have it. Some smart tips to ensure your fragile furniture items are properly protected when relocating. However, if you are not too confident to do it yourself, call us @1300093719!

We would be more than happy to help!

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