So you are moving to a new address, and you have plans in place to pack up all your furniture and other stuff. What about your electronic gadgets? What about the home theatre system and television, the toasters and dishwashers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners? What about the desktops and their accessories and other gadgets? Have you any separate plans for them? If not, then you must have one. That’s an imperative – to safeguard them!


What is the way out?

There is apparently a way out, and that is nothing but a proper approach, which will ensure safety and security of these electronic gadgets during your move.

Here are the steps that you need to take.


Saving the files and taking their backup

Saving the files and taking their backup

 This has everything to do with your computer. At first, make all the files are saved and then take their backups before you take off the wires and start packing.You need to make sure that you follow the appropriate steps while disconnecting every single gadget from power.


 Arranging for the right materials

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You need to have appropriate packing materials and the right kind of boxes for each type of gadget you are packing. Here you have to be sure that the boxes you opt for, are slightly larger than the size of the device that is being packed. It will be best if you have still retained the original packing boxes. Use them.

Use sturdy packaging tapes for making sure that the boxes remain sealed in spite of the long journey during the move. It is better the look for the furniture removalists of Gold Coast area. These companies use anti-sacking materials like bubble-wrap and packing blankets to avoid scratches or damage to the gadgets.


Organize the chords, wires and remote

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 Do not make a mess of the chords and wires, remote controls and other accessories of the gadgets after you have disconnected them. Wrap the cords and cables and the remotes in separate containers and label them correctly to avoid any confusion thereafter.


Take the temperature into account

 Do not forget that most of the electronic gadgets, except those used in the kitchen, are sensitive to too high temperature. Take this into account before packing them and loading them onto the moving vehicle.

If you are moving any computer printer, do not forget to take the printer cartridge out as they are particularly sensitive to high temperature. To avoid any mess, pack them in a separate plastic bag.



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 It is, to say the least extremely important to label every packing box to be moved. This is to make the movers aware of the content of the boxes. Do not forget to mention the word, ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’ as this will make them aware of the sensitivity of the content of the boxes.

Therefore, the best step is to bestow the responsibility to the experienced and reputed furniture removalists of Gold Coast. Besides taking care of the furniture, these companies also take care of the electronic device and make sure they are moved with utmost care and compassion. Hence, you do not have to spend sleepless nights over your packing woes.

Companies like Richards Gold Coast Removals go a long way in providing moving assistance to their clients, more so when it comes to moving electronic goods along with the furniture of residences as well as offices and other commercial establishments.

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