Even though most interstate moves, in general, are notorious for being an costly affair, yours doesn’t need to be. In fact, there are a number of brilliant alternatives which can help you cut down your expenses.

‘Richards Gold Coast Removals’- your reliable interstate removalists in Gold Coast provides you with some smart tips to ensure your 1st interstate relocation doesn’t cost you TOO MUCH.

1. Downsize As Much As You Can:-

As you are trying to figure out ways to reduce your moving cost; you first have to sort out what exactly do you intend to move. As you can relate- the cost of moving is directly proportional to the number of items you want to take from point A to B.

Plus; you also need to keep in mind that the cost of moving will depend on both on the no. of items and distance you have to cover. And although you can’t control the distance; you can surely take care of the size of your move to make the relocation process cheaper.

2. Plan Your Time Well:- 

Time is money, isn’t it? So, look to plan your relocation by organising your items before the move day.

Doing so:-

  • Will give you scope to complete all relocation-related tasks
  • Double check if you have missed
  • And even change your decision if you don’t wish to take a particular item but instead sell it.

Most importantly, it allows you to avoid any unnecessary expenses for last-minute problems and emergencies.

3. Look To Use Up Provisions Prior To The Move Day:- 

There are some items which are not permitted on the moving truck for safety reasons. Those include cleaning supplies, toiletries, fuel reserves and even perishable food components.

So, the smart option would be to use up your stock groceries and food items before the move day. If there are some left in your stock, then you can even give them to your neighbours, relatives or friends. As for any hazardous materials in your possession, get rid of them. This will downsize your interstate moving cost and even spare you from the labour of packing them.

4. Plan Your Move Well & Eliminate The Need Of Split Pick-Ups Or Deliveries:- 

Another smart way to to reduce your costs on your 1st interstate relocation is to prepare your move well.

This means:-

  • Reserving a parking spot for the moving truck to stand in front of your main entrance.
  • Reserve an elevator in your building for your movers to save their time on the move.
  • Also, pack some small-sized items with the help of your friends, thus leaving the experts to only deal with heavy, fragile or antique items.

Your aim should be reduce the time taken to shift your items and eliminate the need for split pick-ups, deliveries or even third party storage services- ALL WHICH MAY COST YOU EXTRA.

5. Pick The Right Moving Time:- 

Flexibility is always key to a successful and cost-convenient move. And another smart way to reduce your move costs is picking the right time. It’s no surprise that moving rates tend to increase during peak-times and when the temperatures are high. Not to forget, the demand for movers are also high- MEANING YOU WILL NEED TO SPEND A BIT EXTRA THAN USUAL.

Look to avoid the last days of the month or even national holidays as most movers will be busy. What you can do is plan your move day at the start of the month, when there is less rush. Also look to relocate early morning, especially since Summer has arrived. The temperatures are cooler, which makes moving easier and less costly for you.

We Offer Effortless Interstate Removal At Budgeted Rates:- 

Now that you know how to save money on your 1st interstate relocation get in touch with our removalists to handle all your goods and moving needs.

  • We use distinctive packing measures based on the nature of your goods and its vulnerability.
  • And we also employ the state of the art equipment and the latest packing techniques to keep everything in tip-top condition.

Regardless of your interstate move- be it from Gold Coast to Sydney Removals, GC to Newcastle or GC to Coffs Harbour- we have the skills, resources and knowledge to ensure everything carries out seamlessly.

SO, HOW BIG IS YOUR INTERSTATE MOVE? Call us @ 1300093719, and tell us all about it.

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