Before you pick a removalist, you need to be pretty cautious. The reason is pretty simple – while there are ones who provide removal services only within a city, there are some others who offer intercity removal services.

Then again, there are the ones who would provide interstate removals. Then, there are a few businesses that offer all these forms of removal services to its clients.

All these have to be considered while picking up a name before you move from one state to another. Now coming to interstate removal, there are a few factors that you need to follow.

The company

You need a fair amount of foresightedness before you consider a company to be competent enough to meet your requirements. See how organised it is and for how long it has been offering services to its clients. See how competent it is to tackle extreme scenarios.

The best way is to go through the testimonials to find what its previous customers have to say about it. You must turn to a name with a maximum number of positive feedback from customers on its website.

This is one big point where we at Richards Gold Coast Removals score over our competitors while providing interstate removals to our clients.

Only companies with a formidable infrastructure and enough experience and an utterly professional approach will be able to get past these intricate scenarios. And that’s precisely why we come out of these worst-case scenarios with flying colours.


In most of the cases, people get so much engrossed in the entire process of moving that they either forget to label their goods entirely or do so improperly.

Now in case of interstate moves, when the journeys are long, this may prove to be fatal. In fact, how properly goods are labelled determines how accurately they are handled during loading and unloading.

Even this will also ensure they are not damaged in transit. It is particularly important when it comes to moving from one state to another, wherein the journey is on the longer side.

Here again, companies like us make a difference. Our experienced personnel will assist you in labelling the goods that are to be moved, so that they are handled with care during the move.

Proper calculation of space

This is something that you MUST conduct perfectly as this will help the companies in successfully moving the goods. You need to appropriately and correctly project the total amount of furniture and goods, which are to be moved. This will help the Gold Coast removalists to appraise the total space rather decorously, to ensure that all the goods fit in the vehicle comfortably, and in a sophisticated way. It ensures that no good is broken or damaged in transit.

Our company has experienced personnel who are competent enough to ensure this point and guarantee that the move is seamless.

So, on all these points, we at Richards Gold Coast Removals score over our competitors to ensure that we provide a seamless and a picture perfect moving service to our valued clients.

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