So are you moving to another state? It is no doubt something that will cause you a lot of headache. It is no doubt something that will make you spend endless anxious moments during those sleepless nights – only if – you do not put your money on one of those quality removalist companies in and around the Gold Coast area. And when it comes to searching for these names, what better name can you find than Richards Gold Coast Removals? Indeed, we are one of the most celebrated names when it comes to moving stuff from one state to another.

However, moving goods and furniture is one thing, and moving pets is an altogether different proposition. Moving pets is not a very tough task, especially with so many options available these days. However, creating the right ambience and following the proper procedure is what matters, and here is whereas well, we excel at Richards Gold Coast Removals.

All that is needed is a proper ambience and procedure to make sure the pets are at the pink of health and glory during and after the move. While you have your role to play to ensure the safety and security of your pets, the removalist companies also have their role to play. Here are some tips for ensuring smooth removal of pets. We maintain them and would like you to know them as well.

Getting all the vet records together

You need to collate all the records that you have obtained from your vet from time to time, including the ones that are related to vaccination. All these documents will help you to have your pet registered to the new location that you are moving in.

Any quality removalist company will also ask for these documents to get a notion of the health of the pet and to have an idea of whether it will be able to withstand the rigour of the journey. It will also help them to understand whether the pet will need any special care during the transportation.

They will make sure that the vaccination shots are all up to date

While it is the duty of the owners of the pets to make sure that the vaccination shots are all up to date, the same stands for the removalist companies, more so when it comes to moving dogs and felines.

This is also to ensure the safety of their staff, for you never know how they will react while moving them, in case there is an ardent need to bring them out of their cages.

Making sure that the ID tags and chips are updated

These companies will also make sure that the pets are well tagged with the tags carry the new address, and the mobile phone numbers of the owner.

Using a protective carrier

Reputed removalist companies will use high-quality protective carriers for your pets. They will make sure your pet is not hurt during the move, and it is comfortable with enough space inside the carrier, along with toys and foods that will keep it in an upbeat mood, all along during the move.

That is the reason, when it comes to moving your pet, always bank the removalists in Gold Coast who would provide service at a reasonable budget. What better name can you find than Richards Gold Coast Removals.

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