It’s been said over and over again, but the fact doesn’t change that moving houses is no easy feat. There are several small and big things to cater to, which can make the whole process incredibly tedious. The sensible thing to do is hire professional for local removals in Gold Coast and let them handle the move for you. But not everyone has this practical sense, and these are the people that are often left with lots of lots on their plate with no plan to execute them.

It’s not as if these people don’t know how important it is to hire professional movers these days. It’s just that they are a bit apprehensive about the whole process and have a lot of questions that are left unanswered. So, it’s high time we address this issue, right?

When should I contact a removalist?

The sooner you contact a moving company, the better it is for you. Although they won’t assign the truck until a few days before the move, you should do your part in issuing the company a notice 5-6 weeks prior to the move. The more lead time you give, the more chances of them sticking to your moving schedule.

Will an estimate be necessary?

If you hire a well know and reputed company, the chances are that they will send out professionals to have a look at your house and determine the approximate costs. This usually depends on the amount of items they are going to move and their weight. Without visual survey or physical inspection of the property, the movers can’t offer you an accurate estimate.

Can they provide a binding estimate?

Sure, most professional cheap removalists in Gold Coast will provide you with a binding estimate if you ask for one. This estimate specifies the cost of the move well in advance, and this is based on the kind of services which are required. If you acquire additional services, the cost will obviously increase. Usually, such estimates are valid up to 30 days.

When is the best time for moving?

If you ask any removalist, most of them will say that you should refrain from selecting summer or the end of the year holidays. This is because, during these periods, moving companies experience the highest demand. But then again, you should move according to your convenience; not the other way round.

How much time will it take to move?

The total time taken by the removalists will generally depend on several factors such as weather conditions, time of the year, the amount of furniture to be moved along with the time required for packing and unpacking.

If there is a change in my moving date, what should I do?

Needless to say, you should immediately notify the mover about the change in date. This will allow them at least some time to make changes to the schedule and discuss it with you.

Will I have to pay for any damages?

No of course! As long as the mover is insured, you won’t have to pay a thing. If, while transporting your belongings, the movers end up damaging or breaking system something, you won’t have to pay for such damages. The movers will pay in full or a percentage of losses due to them.

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