In the previous blog, we have suggested you 4 quick reminders for you to make sure the relocation process becomes smooth and error-free. In the continuation of our previous post, we are going to highlight the other 12 crucial reminders regarding the removal process that is going to help you even more. Check those out.

Arranging the parking

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Parking is one of the most common issues that you ought to deal with when you are relocating. Well, not all people have a huge parking lot in front of their house to accommodate the moving truck. Therefore, it is crucial for you to keep in mind that you need to make the arrangements for the parking so that the removalists get easy access to your house.


Including the things that are allowed to be PACKED


Well, in this case, not taking the suggestions of professional removalists in Gold Coast is going to be a major fault on your part. Ask them about the things that you should avoid sorting out for packing. Inflammable objects, firearms, firecrackers are some of those countless objects that you can’t move to your new house in moving truck. Therefore, restrain yourself from packing that stuff and for reminder purpose, you can create a different checklist as well.


 Informing your child’s school


It is never considered right for your kid’s educational background to abruptly change the school without even notifying the school authority about the valid reason behind the decision. As soon as, the date of relocation is set, consider informing the school authorities about it.


Checking everything is in order in the new house

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Here, with the word ‘everything’, we are suggesting three significant issues including electrical systems, plumbing issues along with the condition of the kitchen. Don’t expect from your new homeowners to arrange for everything even if you don’t connect with them beforehand. Talk to them and check whether everything is in order in the new house or not so that it does not hinder your daily life.


Washing all the dishes and kitchen essentials

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Don’t forget to make the kitchen clean and wash off all the utensils you have used for the last breakfast. It is your responsibility to make sure all the used things of your previous homeowners is just the way you had found when you entered the house a few years back.


 Following-up the weather conditions

Well, the weather fluctuations around Australia may not be an entirely stressful issue for you but checking the weather condition appropriately is something you should not ignore. Even if the slightest chance of rain is on the weather cards, you should arrange for weatherproof packing materials.


 Organizing things for your pet

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It’s not the end of your duty to keep your pet in the cage to keep it away while our movers are at work. Train your pet beforehand if it is not used to stay in the pet cage for long hours. Remind yourself about organising the playthings and adequate food for your pet to keep it safe and sound.


Contacting the ‘Child Care Service’ on the removal day


Well, you will be thoroughly busy on the relocation day when the movers are at work. If attending the child all the time may seem difficult for you, arranging for a child care service beforehand will be a great idea. Just, don’t forget to book the service in advance.


Taking electronic gadgets along

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Electronic gadgets like mobile, chargers and iPods are something you may keep on using until the last moments. Make sure you arrange a separate box or bag for taking these things along during relocation.


Keeping track of the traffic updates

Check the traffic reports and find out the best possible route for reaching the destination fast. Our movers are there to suggest some directions also so that it takes the lowest possible time and your things remain in excellent condition.


Maintaining a Strict Time Limit

The furniture removalists in Gold Coast will be punctual. Don’t make them lose their time. Prepare everything on your part so that you can start at the time, you were supposed to leave your premises. Take a big sheet of paper and note down the time of movers’ probable arrival time on it.


 A final Checking of the houses

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Consider it as the ‘Most Important’ thing to be done. Check everything before you are finally handing over the keys of your home to the previous homeowner. In the final checking, you may find out some minute details that are yet to be done and get them resolved fast.

Remembering all of the mentioned things is crucial to make sure your removal turns out to be less hectic, organised and in order. For the rest, rely on the professionals of Richards Gold Coast Removal and feel the ease of relocation.

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